The Flash Season 6 Features Iris' Most Disgusting Scene, Teases Patton

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The Flash star Candice Patton has given fans one clue about season 6: it features Iris's grossest scene yet. The Flash premiered as a spinoff of CW series Arrow back in 2014. The show centers on speedster Barry Allen and his friends and family, some of whom have powers of their own. Patton plays reporter Iris West-Allen, who also happens to be married to Barry. Last season saw the two getting to know their daughter from the future, Nora West-Allen, only for Nora to sacrifice herself in the finale. This causes her to vanish from the timeline, leaving her place in Barry and Iris's lives uncertain.

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Though the pair will focus on mourning their daughter in season 6, they'll also be dealing with the villain Bloodwork. Bloodwork may be difficult to defeat as he starts out as Dr. Ramsay Rosso, a friend of Team Flash's own Caitlin Snow. Sendhil Ramamurthy will play Rosso. Season 6 will also feature a new costume for Barry and the return of Keiynan Lonsdale's Wally West, who will be in a few episodes. The season will begin after Nora's sacrifice and also contend with the finale reveal that Barry's disappearance will now happen in 2019 instead of 2024.

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On Twitter yesterday, Patton shared another clue about season 6. She posted a photo of herself with the caption "I shot one of the most disgusting scenes on The Flash yesterday. But here’s me right before." As no other information was given, it's hard to guess how the scene fits in to this season or how important it is to the overall story. Patton has already had her fair share of gross scenes as Iris, making this declaration a big one. In season 3, for instance, Savitar impaled her several times before Barry was finally able to prevent it. Take a look at Patton's post below:

The first half of season 6 will also build toward the much-anticipated Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover, which will feature characters from all 6 DC shows on The CW. Part of The Flash's contribution will be Tom Cavanagh playing yet another character: Pariah. Throughout the show's run, Cavanagh has played villain Eobard Thawne and several versions of Harrison Wells. Key Crisis on Infinite Earths player The Monitor (LaMonica Garrett) will also kick things off with an appearance at the end of The Flash's premiere. Speaking at San-Diego Comic-Con this summer, series star Grant Gustin spoke of that moment saying, "The Monitor shows up at the end of our first episode and says the universe is in jeopardy and in order to save the universe, Barry Allen has to die."

The scene Patton's referencing may have nothing to do with Crisis on Infinite Earths, but it could indicate something big coming up for her character. It could suggest a particularly gross injury for Iris herself or another member of Team Flash. It could also be related to a Metahuman the team faces. Some of the Metahumans previously featured on the show have had weird or creepy powers. Last season's Rag Doll, for example, could contort himself in strange ways. Regardless of what Patton's tweet is about, it's sure to make fans even more excited for season 6.

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The Flash season 6 premieres Tuesday, October 8 on The CW.

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