The Flash: 9 Biggest Questions After The Season 6 Premiere

The Flash Barry Allen and The Monitor

The Flash season 6 premiere was all about setup - and raised a lot of questions for Team Flash's future. This year, every Arrowverse show is all about the buildup to Crisis on Infinite EarthsThe Flash has been teasing this for quite some time, and it has potential fatal implications for Barry Allen.

But first, The Flash season 6 premiere has to deal with some of the fallout from last season, when Nora West-Allen - Barry and Iris' daughter from the future - sacrificed herself in an act of heroism. The timeline has changed, and a heartbroken Barry and Iris can only now remember the daughter they came to love, who has been erased from history. "Into the Void" is really a story of grief and loss, with Team Flash still mourning Nora's "death," even as this season's villain sets about trying to conquer death itself through use of Dark Matter.

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It all ends with a trip to the Time Vault, where Barry and Iris are confronted by the Monitor. He issues a terse warning: whatever changes have been made to the timeline, they mean Flash will die on December 10, 2019. What's going on?

9. How Has The Timeline Changed?

Barry Allen has long known he's destined to disappear in some sort of Crisis, but until The Flash season 6 premiere he believed that would happen in 2024. For some unknown reason, though, the events of The Flash season 5 accelerated the Crisis, and the Monitor reveals that it will now happen on December 10, 2019. It's reasonable to assume the critical change was the destruction of a power-dampening dagger wielded by Cicada; it's possible that, in the original timeline, the dagger had been used to inhibit the abilities of someone who will be key to the Crisis. Without the dagger, there's nothing to hold this threat back. This also explains why there's no place for Nora in the new timeline; because Barry is destined to die before he and Iris can have a daughter.

8. What Deal Did Oliver Queen Actually Make With The Monitor?

Last year's Elseworlds event saw Oliver Queen strike a mysterious deal with the Monitor in order to save Flash's life. It was generally assumed that the Green Arrow had traded a life for a life, offering himself as the Monitor's agent in Barry's place. But The Flash season 6 premiere confirms that all Oliver really did was delay Barry Allen's death, because he's fated to die on December 10, 2019. So what terms did Oliver actually agree to? Hopefully the truth will be revealed in Arrow.

7. What's Going On With The Godspeeds?

This new, changed future seems to still exert an influence upon the present. Central City is being visited by multiple Godspeeds, people who've taken a speed-inducing drug called Velocity-9. For some reason these unnatural speedsters are then traveling back to 2019, but they appear to have been strangely warped by the experience, and are unable to communicate. All they do is make what Cisco refers to as "modem sounds."  The Flash season 6 premiere reveals that Team Flash has dealt with four Godspeeds in the last few months - and they have no idea why they keep coming.

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6. What's Happened To Ramsey Rosso?

Sendhil Ramamurthy is no stranger to superhero action, and he's signed up in The Flash season 6 to play Dr. Ramsay Rosso, a scientist who aims to conquer death. The Flash season 6 premiere confirms that his methods are extreme to say the least, when Ramsey injects himself with Dark Matter. In the comics, Ramsay became a monstrous creature known as Bloodwork, and he launched a devastating rampage across Central City. Flash only defeated him by tapping into the Negative Speed Force, which was explored at length in The Flash season 5. So far, it looks as though Ramsay's arc will head in a similar direction; the Dark Matter appears to be transforming Rosso into something less than human.

5. How Do Black Hole Powers Work?

Brandon McKnight Flash

The Flash season 6 premiere has a pretty standard "villain of the week" plot; this time it's Chester P. Runk - a junkyard genius who's managed to create a miniature black hole generator in his garage. Unfortunately, the experiment went badly wrong, and his psyche was bonded with the black hole. The only way to save Central City from being swallowed up by randomly generated black holes is by retrieving part of his mental energy from beyond the event horizon. None of this makes any logical sense at all, nor is the pseudoscience handled consistently; at one point, cars are going flying into the black hole while people are still running away with minimal resistance. Still, the reality is that this is simply a throwaway plot to help establish the season 6 status quo.

4. How Did Flash Survive A Black Hole?

The Flash Season 6

Incredibly, Flash is able to extract the mental energy from the black hole by running into it. He apparently goes beyond the event horizon, and emerges unscathed, simply explaining that the Speed Force is stronger than any gravimetric force. The problem is that this, too, makes absolutely no sense at all. Anything beyond the event horizon of a black hole is trapped, because space and time are warped at the heart of the singularity, so Flash would need to travel beyond even the speed of light. Remarkably, not only does Flash get out with no hint of exertion, he even stops to find Iris' jacket, which had been swallowed up earlier.

3. What's Going On With Killer Frost?

The Flash Caitlyn

It seems that Killer Frost hasn't been in the most cooperative mood of late, and Caitlin figures out why with a little help from Ralph Dibny. Killer Frost is tired of looking out at the world through Caitlin's eyes and manifesting when she's needed to take on the latest supervillain; she wants a life of her own. It's actually quite touching to see how comfortable Caitlin has become with her Killer Frost identity, because she's delighted at the chance to do something for her other persona. By the end of The Flash season 6 premiere, Killer Frost is considering just what she needs to do to start her life - and the first step is choosing a new first name.

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2. Why Is Barry So Invested In The Mental Augmentation Chamber?

Barry Allen The Flash

Barry Allen has been attempting to avoid his grief by throwing himself into his work, both in the police force and as a superhero. He's particularly interested in the concept of a Mental Augmentation Chamber (MAC), pushing Cisco to prioritize the project. In theory, the MAC will allow Barry to use the Speed Force to see every possible outcome of a given scenario at the same time. It's easy to understand why he wants this technology; it would ensure he could never be manipulated by the likes of Eobard Thawne again. No doubt the Monitor's news will make Barry view the MAC as even more of a priority.

1. Why Is Ralph So Focused On This Missing Person Case?

The Flash Ralph Dibny Sue Dearbon

The Flash season 5 finale saw Ralph Dibny begin to focus on his detective career again, picking up a file marked "Dearborn". The season 6 premiere confirmed that he's still working this case, attempting to locate the missing Sue Dearborn. It's unclear why Ralph is so dedicated - Team Flash comment on how seriously he's taking this - but the name will be familiar to any comic book reader. In the comics, Sue Dearborn was Ralph's long-time love interest, and the two ultimately married.

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