It Took The Flash 6 Seasons For An (Almost) Comic Accurate Costume

The Flash Season 6 Suit and DC Rebirth Costume

The Flash season 6 is the closest the series has to been to giving Barry Allen a comic accurate costume, but it's not there yet. Last season, The Flash came quite close to having a perfectly accurate suit, and now it's gone through even more changes for season 6. Despite all the ways Flash's costume has evolved over the course of the show's six seasons, it's still missing one thing that keeps it from being a fully comic book accurate costume.

Set photos from The Flash season 6 provide a close look at Barry's new costume. His new suit keeps many of the elements introduced last season, such as the bright red color and white emblem, but it also brings back the chinstrap from some of the older costumes. Other adjustments made to the suit include new earpieces on the cowl, and yellow seams that go up from the belt to the chest area and shoulders. The costume is clearly inspired by the Barry Allen from DC Comics' New 52 relaunch, except in the comics, Barry had multiple yellow lines on his suit. The TV series greatly tones down this aspect of the suit's design.

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The Flash has always drawn heavily from the comics when it comes to Barry's costumes. Nearly every season, a new element is added to the suit that reminds fans of his comic book counterpart. As close as the show has gotten to bringing the comic book version of Barry to life, one key element remains absent: Flash's yellow boots. His yellow boots have been a core part of Barry's comic look going all the way back to his first appearance in Showcase #4 in 1956, yet Barry hasn't worn them in the live-action series.

Even today, the Flash is still recognizable as the same character who appeared on the cover of Showcase #4. While his look has evolved in the 60 years that have passed, most elements of his costume have remained unchanged, with only a few minor updates. The yellow boots is one thing that has remained consistent in nearly every Flash costume, throughout several relaunches and reboots.

They're such an iconic part of the Flash that fans have long requested that they be implemented on the show, though one of the Arrowverse costume designers, Andy Poon, has insisted that they look too "cartoony" for the series. In any case, The CW's The Flash has always been revolutionary when it comes to comic book costumes. The superhero shows that preceded it, Smallville and Arrow, tried to remain grounded with their heroes, while The Flash didn't hesitate to stick their titular hero in a colorful, comic book-inspired outfit. Other shows have since followed in their footsteps. Given The Flash's willingness to shamelessly embrace its comic book roots to please fans, it won't be too much of a surprise if the show eventually finds a way to work in Barry's classic boots.

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