Theory: Flash Season 5's Villain Isn't Cicada, It's [SPOILER]

The Flash Dr. Ambres and Cicada

Is The Doctor Manipulating Cicada?

Is it possible that Dr. Ambres has had a bigger influence on Cicada than The Flash has let on? As previously noted, it was Dr. Ambres who put the idea in Cicada's head that metahumans were to blame for Grace being in a coma. What Cicada's flashbacks in The Flash season 5 episode 7 didn't reveal was how Dr. Ambres became aware of Cicada's killing spree. If she's the one who gave him the idea to blame metahumans, then she may also be the one who set him on this path. Dr. Ambres could have been manipulating Cicada from the start.

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Dr. Ambres understands what motivates Cicada. His niece's coma is what keeps him angry at the metahumans. If Grace were to wake up, Cicada could potentially be convinced by his niece to let go of his hate and move on with his (and their) life. If Cicada killing the metahumans is what Dr. Ambres wants, then the best way for her to make that happen is to make sure Grace never wakes up. Dr. Ambres could be intentionally inducing the coma so Grace never awakens and Cicada keeps on doing her dirty work without even realizing it. Cicada believes Dr. Ambres is helping him by patching up his wounds and keeping his secret from the police, while also taking care of Grace, but Dr. Ambres may actually be covering up for him so that no one gets in his way.

What This Would Mean For Flash Season 5

Dr. Ambres being the villain of The Flash season 5 could have major repercussions for the plot, and could dramatically change how Team Flash's battle with Cicada plays out. If Cicada is just a pawn, then he could either be defeated earlier than expected or he could continue as an unwitting minion of Dr. Ambres until he finally finds out what's going on and potentially turns on her. It wouldn't be the first time that a villain in the Arrowverse has turned on someone they were once aligned with. While viewers shouldn't expect Cicada to become The Flash's Black Siren, it's possible that this story will have a happier ending for Cicada than what audiences are used to. After all, he still has to take care of his niece.

If Dr. Ambres has really succeeded in manipulating Cicada, then this would put her on the same level as the Thinker, a mastermind who was a match for the Flash without needing super speed. The difference between the Thinker and the doctor would be that, in season 4, at least Barry knew who he was fighting. Dr. Ambres, however, could be manipulating everyone likes pieces on a chessboard, with Barry and Team Flash completely unaware of their real enemy's true identity. Plus, it would be a unique step forward for the series to have Flash's new villain but someone seemingly ordinary, with no real superpowers. If Dr. Ambres is willing to use Cicada's niece to accomplish her goal, then it shows just how ruthless and manipulative this character can be.

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