Theory: Flash Season 5's Villain Isn't Cicada, It's [SPOILER]

The Flash has been setting up Chris Klein's Cicada to be the main villain of season 5; however, this could be a misdirection for the real villain. In theory, Barry Allen's biggest enemy in The Flash season 5 may actually be Dr. Ambres (Lossen Chambers), the doctor who takes care of Cicada's niece at the hospital.

The Flash season 5 premiere introduced Cicada, a character from the comic books who uses a blade shaped like a lightning bolt to murder metahumans. Since his first appearance on the show, Cicada has ruthlessly killed several metahumans and has even proved to be a formidable opponent for Team Flash. Barry and his friends have spent a great deal of time trying to learn his identity, but have yet to track him down.

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What they do know about their new adversary is that Cicada's dagger comes from the Thinker's destroyed satellite that produced The Flash season 5's meta-tech. Barry hasn't been able to find Cicada because Nora's decision to travel back in time and help Barry destroy the satellite caused a different person to be hit by the debris. Now that the timeline has been altered, Cicada is now Orlin Dwyer, rather than his comic book counterpart, David Hersch.

Arrowverse Shows Always Have a Villain Twist

Cicada was confirmed to be The Flash season 5's villain at San Diego Comic-Con 2018, long before the premiere had even aired, so there was never supposed to be any mystery as to who would be terrorizing Central City this time - unless, of course, Cicada is actually a red herring. This wouldn't be the first time an Arrowverse show fooled viewers into wrongly believing that a particular character was the main antagonist.

Arrow set up hactivist Cayden James (Michael Emerson) to be a major villain a season before the character even appeared on screen. In Arrow season 6, James became the leader of a cabal of criminals and managed to take Star City hostage, making him one of the Arrowverse's most resourceful and merciless antagonists. However, it was one of his allies, a seemingly low-level drug dealer named Ricardo Diaz (Kirk Acevedo) who emerged as the primary villain of season 6 by betraying and killing James. Arrow also cleverly hid the identity of season 5 villain Prometheus by making him Adrian Chase, the comic book alter ego of Vigilante, causing many viewers to be misled into thinking that Chase was Vigilante instead of Prometheus.

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The Flash has employed similar plot twists with their villains. Harrison Wells was revealed to be Reverse-Flash in season 1; Caitlin's love interest, who referred to himself as "Jay Garrick," turned out to be Zoom in The Flash season 2; and Savitar was actually a time remnant of Barry Allen himself in season 3. All things considered, it would be surprising if The Flash season 5 gave fans all the pieces of the puzzle within just a few episodes. After all, now that Team Flash knows Cicada's identity (and the basis of his purpose for hunting metahumans), they can't spend the next several months just trying to catch him; that wouldn't translate well on-screen.

The Doctor Hates Metahumans

Based on Cicada's origin story in The Flash season 5 episode 7, "O Come, All Ye Faithful," it seems that his motivation for killing metahumans stems from pure hatred. Cicada blames them for what happened to his niece, Grace, and believes that they all deserve to die because of the havoc they've wreaked on Central City. Cicada's opinions are not only shared by Dr. Ambres, but perhaps even amplified and focused by the supposedly good doctor. She's the only person, aside from Team Flash now, who knows Orlin Dwyer's secret life as Cicada.

In the latest episode, "O Come, All Ye Faithful," flashbacks revealed Cicada's tragic backstory and how he first met Dr. Ambres. On the night the Thinker's satellite fell and created meta-tech, both Cicada and Grace were badly injured. When Orlin told Dr. Ambres that what happened to Grace was his fault, Dr. Ambres said that the ones who are to blame are the metahumans, not him. Dr. Ambres believes that the metahumans are responsible for most of the pain and destruction that goes on in Central City (which isn't a far-fetched belief, especially considering the numerous world-ending events Flash has prevented from happening because of the metahumans). This at least partially explains why Dr. Ambres covers up for Cicada; she understands what he's doing, because she, too, hates metahumans. Flashbacks in later episodes may explore Dr. Ambres' backstory and her reasoning for despising metas, aside from having to clean up their messes as a doctor.

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