The Flash Season 5 Trailer Released; Chris Klein Cast As Villain

The trailer for The Flash season 5 released at San Diego Comic-Con 2018 today, showing Barry and Iris dealing with their future daughter's arrival. In the season 4 finale of The Flash, Barry Allen managed to defeat the Thinker and restored the Elongated Man to life. At the end of the episode, the mystery speedster, played by Jessica Parker Kennedy, arrived to drop a bombshell on Team Flash.

As many fans had predicted, the actress' character turned out to be Barry and Iris' daughter from the future - and her name is Nora Allen, named after Barry's deceased mother. Nora explained to the team that she had made a "big mistake." And it's that mistake that likely acts as the setup for season 5.

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The SDCC 2018 trailer for season 5 shows fans how Barry and Iris will be affected by Nora's presence. Nora reveals that her superhero identity is "XS," a name which has deep ties to the comics. Barry is struggling with Nora's arrival and isn't sure what to do. Meanwhile, Keiynan Lonsdale, who will no longer be a series regular on Legends of Tomorrow, is back as Wally West, though possibly not for long. The trailer also introduces Cicada, played by Chris Klein. And then at the end of the trailer, a masked figure walks into a room, and lays down a strange weapon that glows with red lightning. One of the surprises of the trailer is the introduction of the Flash Ring, an item from the comics that the Flash uses to carry his costume. The Flash Ring is given to Barry by Nora.

The trailer reveals a little more about Nora, who seems to be an original character, even though Barry does have a daughter in the comics named Dawn. Nora actually seems to be more closely connected to Jenni Ognats, Barry's granddaughter, who shares Nora's superhero name, "XS."

Cicada's role in season 5 was previously reported back in May. At the time, it was revealed that the character would be a semi-immortal metahuman who can disable the abilities of other metahumans. He blames them for his suffering, and will apparently set his sights on the metahumans in Central City. Cicada's motives and backstory are left ambiguous in the trailer, so it's not clear how this character connects to Nora, or how Nora can be responsible for the villain's existence. Fans can expect to learn more about Cicada when Nora explains the reasons behind her arrival in Central City.

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