When The Flash Season 5 Returns In 2019 (& What to Expect)

The Flash is taking a break for December and will return airing the rest of season 5 in 2019. The Flash aired its midseason finale already, but its final episode of the year is actually the Elseworlds crossover between The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl, as well as the introduction of newest addition to the Arrowverse, Batwoman. The Freaky Friday-esque episode will see Barry Allen switching bodies (and superpowers) with Oliver Queen.

The first half of The Flash season 5 has seen some changes for Team Flash. Barry and Iris are parents now thanks to the arrival of their daughter Nora from the future; Cisco is dealing with the loss of his powers at the hands of the season's big bad (for now) Cicada, and Caitlin is still working on her connection with Killer Frost and the father she presumed dead. There's also a difference face for Tom Cavanaugh this season - this time as Sherloque, the greatest detective in the multiverse.

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The most recent non-crossover episode was also The Flash's 100th. The episode's final scene revealed something Sherloque had clued into earlier in the season: Nora didn't decide to come back to the past on her own. In fact, she was working for Barry's greatest nemesis, the man who killed her grandfather, Eobard Thawne aka the Reverse-Flash. It left viewers with some big questions about what this means moving forward into the rest of the season, which comes back in early 2019.

When The Flash Season 5 Returns In 2019

Team Flash 5.3 Death of Vibe

After airing in Supergirl's Sunday timeslot for the Elseworlds crossoverThe Flash will return to Tuesday nights. The midseason premiere will take place after the holidays on January 15, 2019 at 8 PM. The midseason premiere episode is titled "Spin Out". This could potentially hint at the return of Kiana Madeira as Spencer Young, aka Spin, the blogger who took a particular interest in Nora (and vice versa). As a recurring villain, she could have a greater role to play, especially when it comes to the use of The Flash's meta-tech. Spencer was last seen in episode 4, "News Flash."

What To Expect From The Flash Season 5 Part 2

The Flash 5.2 West-Allen Family

The second half of The Flash season 5 should be interesting. It's only a matter of time before Barry and the rest of the team finds out the truth about Nora and who she's really working for. And that might not be the only twist the show has in store, seeing as it's theoretically possible Nora could be Eobard Thawne's daughter, not Barry and Iris'. With the reveal that Thawne is pulling the strings behind Nora's trip to the past, it's possible that Cicada isn't the big bad this season like audiences have been lead to believe. The rest of the season should lay out how Cicada fits in and if he's a part of Thawne's plan. Sherloque seems to be the only one who was onto Nora in the first place so his motivations are being called into question now as well. Is there more to him then it appears or are his powers of deduction just that good?

Another mystery the second half of The Flash season 5 needs to solve is that of Caitlin's father. While it seemed like his alter ego, Icicle, was winning, audiences did catch a glimpse of the real Thomas Snow in "The Icicle Cometh". Caitlin's mother is also set to make an appearance sometime in the season which should make for a chilly family reunion. Caitlin Snow actress Danielle Panabaker will also be making her directorial debut in season 5 by helming episode 18. There are sure to be plenty of other Team Flash hijinx to look forward to throughout the season. Wally is still due to pop in again and, hopefully, Jesse L. Martin will heal up and make it back in time for the last batch of episodes. There is also the mystery of Barry's disappearance in the future to address and how the return of Thawne relates, and if Nora's presence has changed the timeline at all.

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The Flash returns Tuesday, January 15 at 8 PM on the CW.

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