Season 5's New Flash Suit Debuts In Arrowverse Fall 2018 Trailer

The 2018-19 season for The CW’s Arrowverse series is sure to bring about plenty of change, but a new trailer for the network’s superhero line-up shows off The Flash’s new costume for season 5. The Scarlet Speedster’s new suit caused a minor ruckus earlier this summer when images for the upgraded suit leaked onto the internet, stirring up the usual amount of fan chatter and debate. Despite the early leak and an official poster showcasing Barry Allen’s snazzy new duds, viewers have been waiting for a chance to see actual footage of Flash’s costume. 

The wait is finally over, thanks to a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it glimpse at Barry in the new 30-second spot, aptly titled ‘Suit Up.’ Though that would be a natural fit for a trailer dedicated solely to The Flash’s upcoming season, The CW’s marketing department is using it to promote the upcoming seasons of Arrow, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and Black Lightning. 

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In addition to Barry’s new suit, perhaps the most appealing part of the new trailer is the look at what’s to come in Arrow season 7. Granted, much of that has to do with the audience already knowing what to expect from the story line that has Oliver Queen behind bars, following the season 6 finale. As for the other series, well, it’s a little harder to evaluate what’s on display since there’s so little context for what’s going on. At any rate, check out the Arrowverse trailer below:

Although it’s a brief glimpse, there are some elements that stick out. For starters, the new cowl seems to show more of Barry’s face, reducing the amount of material on the sides, and doing away with the piece that extended up onto his chin. The ear pieces appear to be more prominent and the color also appears to be a brighter shade of red. There's not much else to discern from this shot, but it should get fans talking.

Now that this first look has made its way to the internet, the question becomes when will there be a more extensive trailer — either for the Arrowverse or The Flash season 5 — that really gives audiences a good look at this new suit. At the moment, it’s still over a month before the new seasons of The CW’s DC Comics shows premiere, which means the network can take its time doling out new trailers and other promotional material until the marketing blitz really goes into effect. Until then, fans will have to wait and take what they can get when it comes to shots of the Flash’s new suit. 

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The Flash season 5 premieres Tuesday, October 9 @8pm on The CW. Arrow season 7 premieres Monday, October 15 @8pm, Black Lightning season 2 premieres Tuesday, October 9 @9pm, Legends of Tomorrow season 4 premieres Monday, October 22 @9pm, and Supergirl season 4 premieres Sunday, October 14 @8pm on The CW.

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