The Flash: 5 BIG Questions After Season 5 Episode 6, “The Icicle Cometh”

The Flash The Icicle Cometh

The Flash season 5 episode 6 "The Icicle Cometh" was largely focused upon the on-going mystery regarding Caitlin Snow's father, Dr. Thomas Snow. One of the season's major subplots centered around the idea, first proposed in season 4, that Caitlin's father was somehow aware of her powers and her Killer Frost persona when she was a child, suggesting that Caitlin was not truly a metahuman. There was also evidence that Thomas Snow had faked his death and gone into hiding, while leaving clues behind that only Caitlin would be able to understand.

While Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon helped Caitlin with tracking down her father's whereabouts, the rest of Team Flash searched for a lead on the identity of the metahuman serial killer Cicada. Destined to become the most infamous of The Flash's many enemies in the future, Cicada has killed two metahuman villains so far this season and injured Cisco Ramon to the point that he's effectively been forced to retire as Vibe.

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At this point, viewers know more about Cicada than Team Flash, with Cicada having been shown in previous episodes to be both a factory worker and a father, whose daughter is in a coma. Despite all the answers episode 6 presents, it also offers up many questions. Here are some of the biggest questions fans are discussing following "The Icicle Cometh."

Will The Flash Have More Medical Metahumans In The Future?

The events of "The Icicle Cometh" revealed that Dr. Thomas Snow, like his daughter, had the metahuman ability to lower the temperature around him and a dissociative personality. In both cases, their metagenes were triggered by a gene therapy that Thomas had created to treat his and Caitlin's ALS. This marks the first time in the reality of the Arrowverse that audiences have seen metagenes triggered, accidentally or intentionally, by a medical treatment rather than exposure to energized dark matter. Since there are many characters at DC Comics who acquired superpowers because of a medical experiment (including Beast Boy from Titans), this suggests another avenue, in addition to The Flash's meta-tech, which could bring about more superpowered characters in the future.

What Was Icicle's Big Plan?

The Flash Thomas Snow Icicle

The events of "The Icicle Cometh" also reveal that Caitlin's parents intentionally sealed Dr. Thomas Snow away in a secret lab near the North Pole for fear of what his other persona might do to their daughter. Though his treatment was able to prevent Caitlin from developing ALS, all Thomas could do for himself was stop the disease's progression. This all helped to keep Icicle from becoming a threat, since Thomas' illness affected him as well. Still, it does seem unlikely that Icicle would cool his heels (no pun intended) for two decades just hoping that Caitlin would find him and offer to cure his ALS using her own cells.

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On the other hand, it seems safe to assume, much as Killer Frost seems to lack the scientific knowledge and training that Caitlin Snow has, that Icicle wouldn't have the ability to create a cure for his ALS or silence Thomas forever on his own. The episode also confirmed that Icicle became the dominant personality and that Thomas was unable to reassert control. This begs the question: what sinister plans did Icicle have before he was trapped that prompted Caitlin's parents to seal him away in the first place? And what will he do now that he is free, albeit still physically limited by his illness?

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