The Flash Season 5: 4 Unanswered Questions After Episode 4 'News Flash'

Iris and Cicada in The Flash

Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Flash season 5, episode 4!

This week's episode of The Flash answered some of the many questions that have been plaguing the season so far as well as giving the team more insight into the true identity of Cicada. While the Flash and XS battled Spencer Young, Iris fought for a larger role in her daughter's life. Since Nora appeared, she has largely remained cold to Iris while spending all her time with Barry. At first, it seemed to be due to the fact that she never met her father in the future. However, the latest episode of The Flash revealed the truth - in the future Iris implants Nora with a chip, dampening her powers so she does not learn she's a speedster.

"News Flash" also saw Sherloque and Ralph piecing together clues about Cicada. With their combined detective skills they learned his mask is not just a clever disguise, but necessary for him to breathe. Meanwhile, Cicada seems to be struggling to keep it all together, as the effects from the crashed satellite seem to be doing a number on his health.

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But with answers, naturally, come only more questions. Here are the biggest questions we have from this week's episode of The Flash.

Why Did Iris Dampen Nora's Powers?

Nora West-Allen The Flash 5.4

Everything Iris does in The Flash is to protect her family, so it would make sense that she implanted the chip in Nora for her own good. But what danger could there be in Nora becoming a speedster? Was Iris just worried Nora would end up like her father? Was she tired of watching someone she loved continually rush off into danger? Or is there a more specific reason that Iris would want to prevent her daughter from revealing (and knowing about) her metahuman powers?

We know from Legends of Tomorrow that in the future metahumans are outlawed due to the Anti-Metahuman Act. In Zari's time of 2042, this makes her and her family targets. This future already seems to be falling into place on Arrow, where vigilantism has been made illegal. Do these two things somehow connect to why Iris would want to hide Nora's powers from her? Nora isn't from as far in the future as Zari, but if things were already starting to change for the worse maybe Iris made a drastic choice to keep her daughter safe. It would be strange though if Nora didn't understand this as the reason why her mother was trying to protect her, even with how stubborn she can be.

What Does It Mean That Anyone Can Have Meta-tech?

The Flash News Flash 5.4

The rules of how metahuman powers work and who can get them have always been sketchy at best on The Flash. And now, things are about to get a lot more complicated with the introduction of meta-tech. Apparently ordinary items such as cellphones and daggers (if those can be called ordinary) can now become embedded with metahuman powers. This means that anyone can wield meta-tech and they don't necessarily have to be a metahuman themself. Before, when there was a villain, Team Flash could find them via various metahuman tracking tools. With the existence of metahuman-tech the pool of bad guys expands.

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Another question to consider: Why didn't the particle accelerator explosion have the same effect on technology? What is it about DeVoe's satellite that made it so different? Regardless of the reasoning, it's a nice twist that even after they've defeated him, DeVoe is still finding a way to thwart Team Flash.

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