The Flash: 8 Most Important Questions After Episode 3 'The Death of Vibe'

Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Flash season 5 episode 3!

The Flash season 5 is not messing around when it comes to the season's villain. It's only the 3rd episode and already Team Flash has found themselves face to face with their biggest threat- twice. However, this week's episode seemed to reveal that maybe there is something more to Cicada than originally believed. We know he is a serial killer and even in the future was never caught by anyone, including Supergirl and the Green Arrow. His true identity also still remains a mystery.

To find out who Cicada really is, Team Flash calls on a familiar face: Harrison Wells. However, this is a new version of Wells who goes by Sherloque and is known as the best detective in the multiverse (sorry Ralph). Wells seems to also have a connection to Cicada and is the only one to question Nora's presence. So far, he seems pretty untrustworthy and things are bound to get interesting when the truth finally comes out.

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With a big bad come some big queries. Here are the biggest questions we had about The Flash season 5, episode 3, 'The Death of Vibe'.

8. Why Did Nora Choose That  Specific Moment to Change the Past?

Nora's arrival on The Flash has been emotional due to her desire to just spend time with the father she never had a chance to know in her own time. But that emotion has distracted from a larger question: why did Nora choose that specific moment to change the past? Crashing her parent's wedding is one thing, but then she arrived just in time to help her dad stop a falling satellite. It seems like it's a little too much of a coincidence to be an accident. And why did she take so long to introduce herself, lurking around Jitters and writing secret notes in the Speed Force Language in her notebook, if she' only there for an innocent visit?

Nora lived without her father for almost her entire life. What suddenly made this adult women decide to go back in time, especially knowing how dangerous it could be? Sure she wanted to learn how to be a hero, but could there be something more? Is it possible that someone else led Nora to make this decision? Maybe Nora did want to meet her father, but some outside force pushed her into choosing that specific moment in time. Perhaps Nora's time travel isn't a mistake after all and is part of some larger plan. Maybe someone wanted the timeline changed for a reason. That person could even be Cicada himself, since Nora said in the future his identity is still unknown. If Cicada is from the future, he could be an even bigger threat and could be potentially pulling even more strings than possibly imagined.

7. Is Cicada Really the Season's Big Bad?

Since the season 4 finale, we have known Cicada would be the Big Bad of The Flash season 5. But what if that has all been a misdirection? What if there is another person pulling all the strings? Nora somehow chooses to travel back in time to meet Barry. We don't know why she suddenly decided to make that choice, but if someone told her to do it maybe that person is the real villain of the season. It's scary to think of someone we don't even know exists yet behind the scenes pulling strings.

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The Flash hasn't really been good at surprising fans with its big reveals in the past. Pretty much everyone figured out that Nora was Barry and Iris' daughter and that Savitar was Barry from the future. It seems risky for The Flash to be hiding another secret villain. However, with the way the show is playing with time travel and the timeline this season, it could make for some interesting directions the show can go in. The introduction of Sherloque creates a lot of questions around Nora and her motivations. Unknowingly, Nora could be a conduit for something more sinister.

The Flash 5.3 Sherloque Wells

6. What Has Sherloque Figured Out About Nora?

As the newest member of Team Flash, Sherloque Wells does not have any emotional connections to the other members. He is also a master of deduction. This allows him an outside perspective and the ability to see things the other characters do not. Namely, Sherloque is curious about Nora and her time travel. He wants to know why she arrived at the same time as the satellite and if she acted alone. It's a reasonable question and one that Nora doesn't answer. As she walks away from their encounter, she looks pretty nervous too.

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So what is it that Sherloque has figured out about Nora? There are obviously some things she isn't telling her family, but maybe it has to do with the timeline and nothing more. However, that doesn't seem like it's the case. There are some pretty big questions left by this episode and they all see to revolve around Nora. Watching the interactions between Nora and Sherloque will be interesting over the next couple of episodes as they engage in a game of cat and mouse with repercussions that could affect the entire team.

5. Is Nora the Reason Cicada is Attacking Metahumans?

The Flash -- "The Death of Vibe" -- Image Number: FLA503a_0243b.jpg -- Pictured: Jessica Parker Kennedy as Nora West - Allen/XS -- Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW -- © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

In this episode, we learn two important things about Cicada. One is that he is not a metahuman. The other is that he is a father with a daughter in the hospital for unknown reasons. Could the reason for her hospital stay somehow tie back to Nora's changing of the timeline? We already know that her appearance has changed the identity of Cicada altogether, maybe she changed the fate of his child as well. Her father did the same to Diggle in Flashpoint so it's not completely out of the question. And if Cicada somehow knows this, maybe it could explain why he is out to hurt metahumans, especially those with connections to The Flash.

Nora seems awfully guilty in this episode as she learns her actions directly caused the deaths of metahumans who were not supposed to die. What happens if Cicada really is after her and she learns her actions directly put her family and friends in danger? Nora has to know that her actions have consequences and sooner or later she is going to have to face them, including the supervillain she may or may not have helped to create.

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