The Flash: 4 Biggest Questions After Season 5, Episode 2

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Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Flash season 5 episode 2!

The Flash season 5 continued with episode 2, "Blocked", which introduced new villains and teased bigger time travel happenings for the season. The Flash season 5 premiere was full of surprising revelations, also reunited Barry and Iris with their daughter from the future they didn't know they had. Episode 2 doubled down on the family feels as Barry continued to bond with his daughter after the revelation that in her future he was still missing after vanishing in 2024. In another shocking move for a CW show, Barry and Nora actually told the rest of Team Flash about this Barry-less future, which led everyone to decide that it didn't matter and they could change fate once more.

Besides the usual villain of the week, "Blocked" introduced the team to the season-long big bad, Cicada. He is already proving to be a formidable foe, using his lightning bolt dagger to neutralize the heroes' powers. There also seems to be some kind of connection or history between Nora and this new villain.

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With more episodes of The Flash season 5 only comes more questions. Here we break down what to look out for in the coming weeks.

What Is Cicada's Plan For The Flash Season 5?

The Flash Cicada from Blocked

So far Cicada has killed Gridlock and attempted to kill Block. We know that part of The Flash season 5's villain's plan is to rid Central City of metahumans, but the question now is why. Especially if he is only targeting the metahumans Barry has fought against aka other bad guys. It would be one thing to take out harmless metahumans (if any exist), but what is the purpose of killing other bad metahumans as a way to get to The Flash? Is The Flash just another meta in his way or is there a purpose behind Cicada's attacks?

In the comics, Cicada targets metahumans who have been saved by The Flash. It seems as if the show is heading in the same direction. It's the first time the team has faced him, so answers aren't expected right now. Hopefully as The Flash season 5 develops we will learn more about the character's backstory and the reasoning behind his actions. It also will be interesting to compare Cicada's plans to DeVoe's from last season: DeVoe was a genius scientist who wanted to outthink Team Flash; Cicada seems to come from a more working-class background so he will be a different kind of foe to face.

What Information is Missing From The Flash Museum in The Future?

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Nora was surprised to learn that Barry had been in prison since the information wasn't in The Flash Museum. This brings to mind what else the museum might be lacking. Did they sanitize history, not wanting anyone to know the Scarlet Speedster was a jailbird? Or is the Flash's true identity still a secret in the future and therefore no one made the connection? (The latter seems doubtful seeing how Barry tells pretty much everyone that he's the Flash.) Can the information Nora knows be completely trusted because of where she learned it from?

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It also makes you wonder how the other characters are portrayed in the museum. When Nora first met Caitlin in season 4, she was rather unfriendly. Is it because of something she read in the museum about Killer Frost? If Nora and Iris aren't close in the future, she may not know the truth from the person who was actually there. Nora may be eager to be part of the team, but she could be biased by her knowledge without even realizing it.

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