The Flash Season 5: 7 Biggest Questions After Episode 12, "Memorabilia"

Sherloque Wells The Flash season 5 episode 12

3. Why Doesn't Sherloque Reveal Nora's Secret?

The multiverse's smartest detective Sherloque Wells should've put all the pieces of the puzzle together by now. He's read Nora's journal and seen the two different handwritings. He knows she has a secret. And now he knows that Nora's defense mechanism took the form of the Reverse-Flash. He even gives Nora one last chance to tell the truth. But when she lies again why doesn't Sherloque reveal who Nora is really working for? Is he planning on blackmailing her with the information? Or does he really want her to tell the truth on her own (which would certainly be easier on her parents)?

Speaking of Barry, why doesn't he question Nora about the Reverse-Flash inside her memories? He must know something is off, so why would Nora choose that form to protect her memories? However, he chooses to ignore the signs once more. Is he truly blind about Nora's faults or does he just not want to see what's right in front of him?

2. Does Grace Become Cicada in the Future?

Future Cicada Grace The Flash season 5

At the end of The Flash season 5, episode 12, Grace is intent on making Nora pay for lying to her. She is seen talking to someone wearing Cicada's costume - only it isn't her uncle, but a young woman. Is this a look into Grace's future? Does she become the next Cicada? Is that why Barry still hasn't defeated Cicada in the future, because there is another one? And most importantly, does all this happen because of Nora's meddling?

It seems that Grace could be more a more important character than she originally appeared to be. She's not just Orlin's niece, she could be a villain in her own right - a potentially deadly one with a vendetta against Nora.

1. Is the Red Death Coming to The Flash?

Red Death

In the Flash Museum, Barry watches a video of Captain Singh speaking about Cicada. He says that the villain is more deadly than any of the Flash's previous villains, killing more people than Zoom and the Red Death. Is this The Flash's way of teasing an appearance by the comic book character? Could he be the big bad of The Flash season 6?

In the comics, Red Death is the result of the Flash and Batman fusing together into one body. Bruce Wayne, torn apart by the death of his parents and not being fast enough to save them, attaches the Flash to the hood of the Batmobile and drives into the speedforce. He gains Barry's powers while Barry's mind is trapped inside Bruce's body. With the Arrowverse expanding to include Gotham and Batwoman, featuring the villain wouldn't be completely out of the question, and it would certainly be a unique way to introduce Batman.

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The Flash season 5 continues with episode 13, "Goldfaced", on Tuesday, February 5th at 8 PM on the CW.

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