The Flash Season 5: 4 Biggest Questions After Episode 11, "Seeing Red"

The Flash and Cicada in Season 5

Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Flash season 5, episode 11.

Cicada returned on this week's episode of The Flash, with some pretty serious consequences. Since the reveal of Eobard Thawne and his involvement with Nora in the future, Cicada has been pushed into the background. Now the villain is back with a vengeance and resuming his metahuman killing spree. This included stabbing Nora in the back during a battle with Team Flash. And due to his dampening dagger, Nora is unable to use her super healing abilities. The attack left Nora temporarily paralyzed but Barry was ready to go to any length to protect his daughter - including almost killing Cicada. However, Nora stepped in before any damage could be done and inspired her father with a new way to stop this latest threat.

The Flash's latest episode also delved more into the creation of the metahuman cure and Killer Frost's icy reception to the idea. She is afraid that Caitlin will wake up one day and no longer want her around, a valid concern given that was how Caitlin felt only last season. However, the two have come to an understanding and have seemed to make some headway towards finding a cure now that Caitlin has a sample of Cicada's blood.

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It looks like next week's episode of The Flash season 5 will be all about science as the team rushes to find a cure on two fronts. Here are the biggest questions we had after watching The Flash season 5, episode 11, "Seeing Red".

4. Is Cicada Worth Saving?

Cicada The Flash season 5 episode 11

Let's face it, at this point Cicada is a violent murderer. He's killed a number of innocent (and not so innocent) metahumans and wounded others including Cisco and Nora. Is he worth trying to save? Shouldn't Barry just have stopped him when he had the chance? Barry's new plan is to appeal to Cicada's heart. Rather than fighting a villain they can't seem to defeat, he wants to find another way. Barry believes that by saving Cicada's niece, Grace, they can win him over. But wouldn't that in a way be rewarding all the bad things Cicada has done?

However, this is what makes the Flash who he is. Barry believes in the good in people. He believes everyone can be saved. So of course if there's a non-violent option to stopping Cicada he is going to take it, even if the other man doesn't deserve it. That's what makes Barry a hero. Whether or not this plan will work and turn Cicada over to the side of good is another question altogether. It might be too late, especially with all the poison about metahumans Dr. Ambres has put into his mind.

3. What's Going to Happen to Nora When Barry Discovers Her Secret?

West-Allen family The Flash season 5 episode 11

While Barry has been a father since Nora's arrival, in this episode of The Flash he truly understood what that means. When Nora was hurt he was willing to go to any length to make sure it never happened again. The force of his love for her surprised him, which means when the truth comes out that she is working for Thawne it's going to crush him even more.

But what will happen after he finds out the truth? Will Barry send Nora back to the past? Lock her in the pipeline? Try to go to the future to fight Thawne himself? Or will he try to understand her like he does with all his other adversaries? The fallout of this particular season 5 storyline will be the most interesting and the most impactful in the episodes to come. Sherloque has figured out that there are two different handwritings in Nora's notebook and now it's only a matter of time before the truth reveals itself. Will this be the one time on The Flash that love won't be enough to conquer all or will Nora finally have a good explanation for her decision to join forces with one of her dad's biggest foes?

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