The Flash Season 5: Danielle Nicolet Upped To Series Regular

Danielle Nicolet, who plays Cecile on The Flash, has been promoted to series regular for season 5 of The CW series. Cecile appeared in two episodes of season 1 before becoming a recurring character in season 3. Cecile Horton is the district attorney of Central City and the girlfriend of Joe (Jesse L. Martin).

The show's fourth season pitted Team Flash against the Thinker (Neal Sandilands), the first non-speedster to serve as the main villain of a season. Throughout the season, the Thinker outsmarted them at almost every turn, until the season 4 finale when Barry finally found a way to thwart the villain's plan to erase the intelligence of everyone on the planet. With the help of Cecile's new telepathic powers, Barry was able to enter the Thinker's mind, save the Elongated Man, and defeat him.

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Deadline reports that Nicolet will be a series regular for the upcoming season. Nicolet's character, Cecile, has been on the show since near the beginning, but didn't become an important character until season 3 when she started dating Joe. Nicolet has recurred heavily for the past two seasons. Now it appears that we'll be seeing even more Cecile, which makes sense, based on the events of season 4.

After becoming pregnant, Cecile gained the ability to read minds. It was determined that her pregnancy somehow triggered the new power. Cecile used her ability to help Team Flash a number of times over the course of the season. The character also developed a friendship with Harry (Tom Cavanagh) at a time when he was losing his intelligence. Cecile lost her power in the season 4 finale after giving birth to her child.

The loss of Cecile's mind-reading abilities won't make her any less important to the series going forward. Cecile's job as district attorney has been key in episodes that involve legal cases, particularly "The Trial of the Flash." With Cecile becoming the mother to Barry's new sister, her ties to the West family and Team Flash will likely grow even stronger in season 5.

It remains to be seen how Cecile will factor into the storyline for season 5. The "big bad" for season 5 has yet to be officially confirmed, but could be a villain known as Cicada. What we do know for sure is that the new season will dive deep into the story surrounding Jessica Parker Kennedy's mystery girl, who was revealed to be Barry's speedster daughter from the future, Nora.

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Source: Deadline

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