The Flash Season 4 Won’t Feature A Speedster Villain

When The CW's Arrowverse began, it was tied to the grounded approach of flagship show Arrow. Once Barry Allen was introduced, however, the door was cracked open for more fantastical stories and adventures. When The Flash premiered, the idea of metahumans jumped from the pages of DC Comics to The CW, bringing superpowers to the Arrowverse once and for all. Since then, superheroes and villains have come out of the woodwork, possessing many astonishing abilities. Barry, meanwhile, may have the most powerful skills of them all.

Even before he learns to phase through objects, jump across time/space and/or throw lightning, the Flash is arguably one of the most powerful characters in any DC universe. Capable of accomplishing feats in the blink of a normal person's eye, he should reasonably be able to deal with any threat in a matter of seconds. All forms of media have struggled with ways of capping a speedsters powers over the years, but they all require a healthy suspension of disbelief. Therefore, the easy threat to throw at a speedster is another speedster. Thanks to this logic, the Big Bad for each of the three seasons of The Flash so far has been a rogue tied to the Speed Force. Luckily, the producers know they've gone to this well one too many times.

Thanks to The Flash Podcast, we have word from the Arrowverse producers at the PaleyFest panel they're hosting, stating that The Flash season 4 will not throw another speedster in Barry's path.

There will NOT be a speedster villain next season on #TheFlash! #PaleyFest

— The Flash Podcast (@TheFlashPodcast) March 18, 2017

In the comics, dozens of good and bad characters tied to the Speed Force have been introduced over the years, so The CW has plenty to pull from. Aside from the villains, we've met a number of heroic speedsters like Jesse Quick and Jay Garrick. Hopefully, some of them will be sticking around, even if Barry's foes operate at a slower pace moving forward. Meanwhile, we may need to start looking to the future for the Flash's next adventure:

Ep 19 is called "The Once and Future Flash" & Barry decides the only way to get what he needs is in the future. #TheFlash #PaleyFest

— The Flash Podcast (@TheFlashPodcast) March 18, 2017

Given that the crux of this season has been Barry's vision of the future and Iris' death, it makes sense that his newfound ability would drive subsequent stories. While even Candice Patton is in the dark about Iris' fate, it and the future it occurs in are likely to continue dominating this season. We also know that time traveler Abra Kadabra is on his way to the show. With his introduction, we could see a path forward for next season of The Flash.

Legends of Tomorrow regularly uses time travel to propel its stories, so including similar plots on The Flash wouldn't be uncharted territory. In fact, it'd serve as a nice way to connect the two shows. They already share Eobard Thawne as a villain, so it wouldn't surprise us if the two shows get a mini-crossover sometime soon. In the meantime, we'll keep watch for news on the future of The Flash, so stay tuned.

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The Flash season 3 continues with 'Duet' on Tuesday, March 21st.

Source: The Flash Podcast

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