Flash Season 4 Villain Confirmed: Kilg%re Joins the Arrowverse

The heroes of The Flash will be facing off with an intergalactic virus bent on destruction this season when comic book villain Kilg%re arrives. When the new season of The Flash kicks off, Barry's friends will be working hard to defend Central City in his absence. But thanks to the recent trailer for the season, we know the Scarlet Speedster will return before the premiere ends. That will only be the beginning of his journey back to being a hero, however.

The Flash will be taking things in a lighter direction this season, but it will also explore the effects of Barry's prolonged exposure to the Speed Force. That will naturally lead to plenty of confusion and drama, even with the fun of season 1 coming back. Alongside that mental anguish, Barry and Team Flash will be facing off against a new slew of villains on this season of the show.

CBR spoke with The Flash producer Todd Helbing about the new season, and he confirmed that supervillain Kilg%re will be appearing on the show. Introduced in 1987, Kilg%re is an alien virus who flees his planet and comes to Earth. His existence out of sync with time, however, means only those who use the Speed Force can see him. In the comics, he's mostly associated with Wally West, so Kid Flash may have his own rogue this year.

Earlier this year, we laid out the villains we wanted this season of The Flash to tackle. So far, Kilg%re, The Thinker, and Blacksmith have all been confirmed. The techno-organic viral being, however, has a lot of potential. While he's gained a robot body in the comics, Kilg%re's nebulous nature offers a lot of possibilities.

While he could square off with the Flash and Wally, he could also prove a foil for Cisco. It would also be great for Felicity's return to the show to see her putting her hacking skills to the test against Kilg%re. As The Flash refocuses this season, it looks as if a return to sci-fi hijinks and adventures will also be a big factor.

The conceit of metahumans has been propelling a lot of The Flash's storytelling, but season 4 looks like it will expand the various types of villains Barry and his friends will face. From outer space to other dimensions, The Flash is a lot like Legends of Tomorrow in that it really has no limits when it comes to story potential. While that can lead the show off the rails if it isn't careful, it's also what keeps it entertaining within the world of the Arrowverse.

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The Flash season 4 premieres tonight at 8pm on The CW.

Source: CBR

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