The Flash Will Get A New Power In Season 4

The Flash in Flashpoint

It looks as if Barry will be adding a new ability to his arsenal in season 4 of The Flash. Tonight, the Scarlet Speedster will finally return from the Speed Force after his self-imposed exile in the season 3 finale. Of course, we know Barry won't be jumping back into crime fighting immediately. His time in the Speed Force will leave his mind and memories scrambled, but he'll eventually emerge more focused and hopeful than he's been in a long time.

On top of a renewed drive, Barry's time in the Speed Force will grant him new insight this season on The Flash. Given that time flows differently there, we'll see a Flash who has been processing all sorts of information at an incredible rate. While this will overwhelm him at first, it should prove useful once the evil genius Thinker comes to Central City. The prolonged exposure to the source of his powers may even grant the Flash a new ability.

CBR spoke with The Flash producer Todd Helbing about the new season of the show. And while he couldn't offer any specifics, he did tease an exicting new power for Barry.

“You’ll see a new power at some point this season. It’s pretty cool.”

Without any other information, there's really no telling what the ability could be. Barry has already demonstrated everything from phasing through objects to accelerated healing to lighting throwing. Still, his long history in the comics means there's still plenty of powers from the page that have yet to appear on TV.

Given that Barry already regularly uses vortexes to stop threats, it would make sense for him to apply the same effect to himself. In the comics, Barry can essentially fly by propelling himself upward and forward using a variety of whirlwinds. While it's not the most practical way for the speedster to travel, it could still help in a pinch.

There's also dimension hopping. While Barry has used time travel regularly and even made offshoots of reality, he's still had to rely on the Speed Force Cannon or Cisco's powers to move between the Multiverse. In the comics, however, Barry is more than capable of traveling to parallel Earths all on his own.

From there, we could see more of Barry's mental abilities, his speed talking, or something newer. Recently, the comics have given Barry certain Negative Speed Force powers after his time stuck in the Speed Force. If the show mirrors this, we could see things like explosive auras, disintegration, and more factor into the show. And of course, the writers could simply come up with something new for the hero.

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The Flash season 4 premieres tonight at 8pm on The CW.

Source: CBR

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