The Flash: Tracy Brand Will Return in Season 4

Despite the loss of H.R., Tracy Brand will be back in The Flash season 4. When we check back in on the heroes of Central City this fall, Barry Allen will still be trapped in the Speed Force. While the members of Team Flash will be dealing with Barry's absence in their own ways when the show resumes, they will all be coming together to stop the various threats against their home city, in the meantime.

Eventually, of course, Barry will return - and though that should mean a wedding in the future, things won't all be pleasant. Barry will be dealing with the effects of the Speed Force on his mind and body, and he will need some help to work things out. But with Julian Dorn (Tom Felton) not returning as a regular and Caitlin Snow's status up in the air for now, Team Flash is going to need some serious help in the meantime. Last season, Tracy Brand stepped up to help Barry trap Savitar, but after H.R.'s death, her status on the series has been unclear - until now.

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EW spoke with executive producer Todd Helbing about whether Anne Dudek will be returning to The Flash in season 4 - and if so, whether she will be serving as a core member of Team Flash:

“I don’t believe so, but you’ll see her.”

Although Tracy and Julian won't be active members of Team Flash in season 4, they will likely pop in to help out, from time to time. Of course, their absence will also help make room for new characters like The Thinker and Elongated Man this season. With a new big villain and hero joining The Flash in season 4, the status quo will be quite different. Luckily, everyone's chipping in to do their part:

“Everybody has risen to the occasion, everybody has stepped up. You have Iris now as team leader, you have Kid Flash and Vibe going out on the town and taking out all the [metahumans], they’re working closely with Joe and CCPD. They’re pretty formidable, but they’re still not quite [what they used to be].”

Likely, not many episodes will pass before Barry returns from the Speed Force in The Flash season 4. But even then, things won't be the same as they once were. With new villains, dead friends, and scrambled Barry, and pending nuptials, there will be plenty of chaos in Central City to come.

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The Flash season 4 premieres Tuesday, October 10th @ 8pm on The CW.

Source: EW

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