The Flash Season 4 Set Photos Tease a Big Change For One Hero

[SPOILERS for The Flash season 4.]


New videos and photos from the set of The Flash season 4 reveal that Wally West (Keiyan Lonsdale) is putting Barry Allen’s (Grant Gustin) superhero suit to good use and Team Flash will have to deal with an army of robotic samurai warriors.

At the end of season 3, Central City was rocked by an earthquake and a multi-colored lightning storm. Barry instantly realized that it was due to an imbalance in the Speed Force, seeing as Jay Garrick was freed from its prison but no speedster took his place. A peaceful Barry willingly goes into the Speed Force, viewing it as penance for causing a mess with Flashpoint.

When season 4 begins, six months will have passed and Barry is still in the Speed Force, so the city is under the protection of speedster Wally West. And despite Lonsdale himself saying he wouldn’t become The Flash, set photos below say otherwise. As you can see, Wally has traded in his yellow Kid Flash suit for Barry’s scarlet duds.

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Based on the images, you could speculate that Wally is wearing The Flash costume to honor Barry’s legacy and/or to make sure evildoers know that The Flash hasn’t left the city unprotected. Plus, if you’re the only good speedster in town and you’re not a fan of the moniker Kid Flash (which Wally has complained about), it stands to reason Wally would make the upgrade to The Flash.

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Meanwhile, as for the robotic samurai warriors, we see Iris confront one in a set video. They are actually known as Samuroids and, in the comics, were built by Baron Katana – a war criminal who despises Western society’s influence on Japan. Samuroids – which first appeared in The Flash #180 (June 1968) -- are equipped with indestructible armor, electrified swords, and jet packs. It appears the latter will be utilized in the show as you can see at the end of the video that Iris and the Samuroid hold on to each other as they prepare to lift off.

Filming for season 4 of The Flash began just last week, so we could assume these scenes are from the season premiere. Interestingly, the premiere’s title is ‘The Flash Reborn’ – which sounds awfully familiar to Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver’s six-issue limited series The Flash: Rebirth. Its story focused on Barry Allen’s return to the land of the living. To avoid any visual confusion between Barry and Wally’s Flash costumes, Sciver redesigned Wally’s costume by giving it a dark crimson and gold color scheme and making other subtle changes here and there. Point being, Wally and Barry could both suit up as The Flash in season 4, yet they both could be wearing different versions of the getup.

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