The Flash Season 4 Premiere Takes Inspiration from DC's Rebirth

Grant Gustin as the Flash

The first episode of The Flash season 4 will take cues from DC's Rebirth comic event. Last month, the title for The Flash season 4 premiere was revealed and quickly ignited speculation. Dubbed 'Reborn', the name of the episode seemed to tease not only a new direction for the show, but possibly even ties to DC's Rebirth.

Back in 1985, DC first introduced the concept of rebooting an entire comic book universe with Crisis on Infinite Earths. The New 52 saw them revamp things again almost 30 years later - but only a few years after that, Rebirth was announced as a return to form for the publisher. The event has been positively received, and now it looks as if it had quite an impact on the new season of The Flash. Part of the rebirth will come in The Flash returning to its fun roots; something star Grant Gustin has been keen to discuss.

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Comic Book spoke to Gustin about season 4 of The Flash, where he revealed how Rebirth will influence the show when it returns:

“It’s almost like a fresh start for me as an actor this year. The first episode is called 'Reborn' and it’s our take on Rebirth, and it gives me an opportunity to let go of all the weight that we’ve built up and have held onto and there’s even some lines that reflect that for Barry, that he’s been able to cope an move on in a way he was never able to in the past. So it gives me an opportunity to let go and have more of that kind of fun that we had initially in season one.”

DC Rebirth Comics Flash

Along with the push to make the show more fun, we'll also see Barry forgive himself for his many mistakes. While he's certainly to blame for a lot of the problems he and his friends have faced, his tendency to blame himself has arguably made the show stray a bit too far from its comic roots. Like with Rebirth, the show will look to get back to basics, this new season.

Of course, season 4 won't mirror Rebirth in one regard. While The Flash in the comics has been battling Godspeed, fans have been promised Barry won't face another speedster villain anytime soon. The show will, however be pulling in some new characters from the comics this season, from the heroic Elongated Man to the villainous Hazard.

The minds behind The Flash seem very aware of the criticisms of season 3 and they appear to have made strides to course-correct and offer fans a better version of the show. With season 4 premiering soon, audiences won't have to wait much longer to find out if it worked.

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The Flash returns to The CW on Tuesday, October 10.

Source: Comic Book

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