The Flash Season 4 Premiere Images: Reborn Barry & De-Frosted Caitlin

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The Flash season 4 premiere won't waste any time bringing Barry Allen back into the fold, though a new set of images prove he may not be ready to suit up just yet. Though season 3 of The Flash ended with Barry heading off into the Speed Force to serve his time, there was never any question that he'd be back. In fact, every premiere of the show so far has dealt with the absence of Barry, only for the hero to return in short order. We've known for awhile, however, that the rebirth of the Flash won't go smoothly.

It's already been confirmed that Barry's return won't revert things to the status quo in The Flash season 4 premiere. Vibe and Kid Flash are out protecting the streets, Iris is struggling with the loss of her love, and Caitlin is forging her own path. Soon enough, however, everyone will be thrown back together when Barry emerges from the Speed Force a changed man. And while we've been told the new season will have a lighter tone, it looks as if there will still be plenty of drama when the show returns.

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TV Line has a new set of images from the season premiere of The Flash next month. In them, we see Vibe and Kid Flash joining Joe as they try and take down the new, mysterious samurai-themed villain. We also see Caitlin looking like a mix between her old self and Killer Frost, as she works at a bar and faces her own conflicts. Most intriguingly, however, is Team Flash all joining together and encountering a bearded Barry, who appears to have just come back from his exile.

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The shots of Vibe and Kid Flash fighting Central City's latest villain echo what we've seen in trailers so far, teasing new threats while still holding back on revealing The Thinker. Meanwhile, it looks as if the continued evolution of Caitlin will finally give the character a proper story arc. The new season is even set to address the absence of Julian, as Tom Felton won't be returning.

The shot of the team encountering Barry, meanwhile, confirms The Flash season 4 premiere will bring back the eponymous hero. While it seemed as if the return of the Scarlet Speedster would take a few episodes, there's a good chance the final scene will involve everyone encountering a somewhat-confused Barry.

After his time in the Speed Force, he'll be changed, altering his relationships with his friends and loved ones. Barry and Iris will need some work, and it will likely be a little while before the Flash puts on his brand-new suit. So while the fun and humor may be coming back to The Flash, it looks like the show and characters will have to deal with an adjustment period.

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The Flash season 4 premieres Tuesday, October 10 on The CW.

Source: TV Line

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