The Flash Season 4 Photos Offer Best Look Yet At Barry’s New Suit

New promotional photos for The Flash season 4 episode 2 offer fans a closer look at Barry's (Grant Gustin) brand new suit. After half a year stuck in the Speed Force, which definitely took a toll on him upon his return, it appears that Barry is already ready to suit back up as the Scarlet Speedster patrolling the streets of Central City. On top of his seemingly renewed vigor to take back the mantle as the metropolis' number one crime-fighting hero, he also has some updated duds to aptly go with the upcoming brand new chapter in his personal and superhero life.

While Barry's return in The Flash season 4 premiere next week will no doubt be great for the team, settling back in his old life and his old group will not be as easy for him, let alone the squad's other members. Iris (Candice Patton) has taken more of a leadership role and although his girl certainly knows how to manage by herself, it will take some time for Barry to get used to the fact that the woman he loves is now, more than ever, involved, in his crime-fighting shenanigans. Having said that, they won't be given the opportunity to mull over this new shift in dynamic within them as a brand new villain arrives in Ramsey Deacon (Dominic Burgess), who is a metahuman who can control technology.


The promotional stills for The Flash's second episode of season 4, "Mixed Signals," have come courtesy of The CW and see the team in their turf presumably doing some planning on how they can contain the brand new threat. Take a look in the gallery below:

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The batch also includes a couple of snaps of Barry once again suited up as his superhero alter-ego. Amidst a flurry of these new snippets, a definite stand-out is that of Barry and Iris seemingly having a heart-to-heart talk which could potentially be about the former struggling to ease back into his old life.

Obviously, it is expected that Barry finds himself feeling like an outcast after being gone for six months. His friends tried to make the most out of the predicament they find themselves in due to his absence and came up with an arrangement that worked better for them when they weren't anticipating his sudden return. It certainly doesn't help that he suited up so fast he didn't even have enough time to fully process what happened to him in the Speed Force.

Whatever is running through his head, Barry and his team need to figure it out fast before The Flash's season 4 big bad, The Thinker (Neil Sandilands) arrives in town. The villain will lead to a highly cerebral battle due to his genius mind brought about by the infamous Thinking Cap, which gives him formidable mental powers.


The Flash season 4 premieres Tuesday October 10 at 8pm on The CW.

Source: The CW

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