The Flash Season 4 May Explore Why Killer Frost is Evil

The Flash Killer Frost Synopsis Revealed

Season 4 of The Flash could dive deeper into the story of Killer Frost, according to actress Danielle Panabaker - who hopes that the upcoming season will explore the character's motivation for being evil.

Panabaker, who plays Caitlin Snow on The CW series has spoken about the direction of her character and her dark side, Killer Frost. Panabaker says that both Caitlin fans and Killer Frost fans won't be disappointed in what the show has in store for the characters in season 4. Panabaker also hopes that certain aspects of Killer Frost's personality that weren't fully addressed in season 3 will soon be explained, including why Killer Frost is evil.

Here is the exact quote that Panabaker gave Comic Book, on that matter:

One of the things I wanted explained last season that I don’t know was ever totally clear, and I don’t know that we have the answer yet, is why Killer Frost is evil. I’m not totally sure why everything she does causes the physical body of Caitlin Snow to act so badly. So I’d like to know a little bit more about her motivation and why.

Panabaker says that the "Killer Frost" side of Caitlin's personality would continue to affect her love life. In season 3, the threat of her emerging dark side impacted her decision not to jump into a relationship with Julian (Tom Felton), and we can expect this to remain a problem for her in season 4.

However, it would seem that Caitlin's love life may no longer involve Julian, since actor Tom Felton will not return as a regular in the new season and isn't currently booked to appear in any episodes as of yet. Whether or not Caitlin will receive a new love interest, remains to be seen.

Fans are certainly looking forward to where The Flash will take Dr. Caitlin Snow next. When we last saw the character, Killer Frost turned on Savitar, and seemed to finally embrace her good side. She even attended H.R.'s funeral. However, this doesn't means she's relinquished control to Caitlin. Though some of her features such as her eyes and voice have returned to normal, Killer Frost claims that she is no longer Caitlin Snow. This leads fans to wonder: who will she be now? If Panabaker's comments are any indication, it could very well be a mixture of both.

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Season 4 of The Flash will premiere on The CW on October 10.

Source: Comic Book

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