The Flash Officially Casts Katee Sackhoff as Blacksmith

Katee Sackhoff in Longmire Season 5

It's only been a day since Battlestar Galactica alum Katee Sackhoff teased social media with a tweet suggesting that she may be part of Season 4 of CW's The Flash. And reports today do indeed confirm that the actress will be facing-off with Barry Allen, and she'll be playing the established DC comics villain Blacksmith.

It was during Sunday that Sackhoff tweeted a picture of a script, indicating that she was currently memorising the dialogue for a project and that all would be revealed on Monday. Going by clues on the picture, which seemed to feature a lightning bolt and a possible reference to "Berlanti Productions", it didn't take long for people to calculate that this was likely a role in the upcoming season of The Flash. The tweet was later deleted, with the powers-that-be probably deciding that people were savvy enough to figure out the clues before a company announcement. However true to her word, the information about the role has been officially released today, and it's good news for fans of Sackhoff and DC villains.

According to EW, Sackhoff is joining the cast of the show as the DC metahuman villain Blacksmith. Otherwise known as Amunet Black, she's a tough and uncompromising boss of an underground black market for supervillains, using blackmail and subterfuge to bend them to her will. The character is due to first appear in episode 5 of the new season, which is intriguingly called "Girls Night Out". This will also be a mini-crossover Arrowverse episode, as it will feature Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak. It's also revealed that Blacksmith will be a recurring character, so we can expect an arc for her during the season and she won't just be a villain-of-the-week.

Blacksmith the Flash villain

In DC comics Blacksmith first appeared in 2001, in the story Flash: Iron Heights. She definitely has metahuman abilities in that universe, being able to fuse organic and inorganic materials, which allows her to mutate her own body and create powerful weapons. She is primarily known however for organizing her own team of rogues and using her contacts to defeat Barry Allen and his companions - even if those are only fleeting victories. At the moment it's unknown just how close the Arrowverse version will be to the comics, and whether she'll have comparable metahuman powers, but you can bet that Sackhoff will be playing her as a formidable opponent.

Season four of The Flash seems intent on building up a new group of rogues for Team Flash to fight. We already know that Sugar Lyn Beard is Hazard, and that Neil Sandilands is The Thinker - with him almost definitely set up to be the "big bad". Now that another powerful threat like Blacksmith is thrown into the mix, it should be interesting to see how it mixes things up with Barry and his colleagues. Coincidentally, Blacksmith and Thinker have clashed previously in the comics, so that could make things even more complicated if that possibility is also explored. At any rate, Sackhoff should be a strong and popular addition to the existing cast and we eagerly await further details.

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The Flash returns to The CW on Tuesday, Oct. 10.

Source: EW

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