The Flash & Vibe 'Enter Flashtime' in New Trailer

- Spoilers for those not caught up on the Flash -

The trailer for "Enter Flashtime" - next week's episode of The Flash - has been released. Clifford DeVoe has nearly completed his plan - whatever that plan may be. By the end of previous episode "Session 9" he had changed bodies again, this time inhabiting country singer Izzy who can manipulate sound. Now there are only three more bus metas left to identify. Thus far, the only one that Team Flash has been able to successfully protect long term is Ralph Dibny, who has learned to be a hero and has even faced DeVoe in spite of most likely being in danger due to the villains plans.

Meanwhile, Barry is struggling. He might be released from prison, but he's suspended from his job and frustrated with not being able to stop DeVoe, especially now that he's seen exactly what the villain is capable of. There have been so many times in the past that the solution to Barry's problems has simply been to learn to run faster. But his speed has been little help against DeVoe, and time is running out for the remaining bus metas - potentially including his friend Ralph.


And it looks like things have become even worse for Barry. The CW has released the trailer for next week's episode - titled "Enter Flashtime" and it looks like Barry's speed will only get him so far, because at any moment his stamina might give out.

When Star City is threatened by a nuclear bomb, Barry has to enter flashtime - when he is moving so fast that everything else seems to stand still - in order to stop it. There are just two problems with flashtime. Others can only enter it to help Barry - as it appears Vibe does in this episode - by keeping in constant physical contact with the speedster. And also that the moment Barry stops moving, flashtime ends and the bomb explodes. When stopping the bomb takes longer than expected, it is all Barry can do to stay on his feet as exhaustion sets in and his stamina goes out.

While they are not featured in the trailer, the previously released synopsis for the episode show that fellow speedsters Jesse Quick and Jay Garrick will show up to help. There is also a moment revealing Barry pulling Iris in - much as he did during his trial - to ask her for advice. And it's a good thing Barry has all these people to help him. This time, being fast isn't enough to save the day. It's only the first step towards protecting Central City from a nuclear disaster. This time it's what The Flash and his friend do when they're moving at superspeed that really matters.


The Flash returns to The CW with "Enter Flashtime" on March 6 at 8 pm.

Source: The CW

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