The Flash Season 4 Fan Poster: The Fastest Mind vs The Fastest Man

The Flash season 3 poster - 'New Destinies'

The upcoming season 4 of The CW's The Flash gets a new fan poster from artist BossLogic. We already know season 4 will be different in content to the previous adventures of the Scarlet Speedster. Not only will he have to contend with a return to Team Flash and Iris after a long confinement in the Speed Force, but he'll be facing a different type of "big bad" from the other seasons.

Up until now, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) has always been up against speedsters that are just a little bit faster than him - despite his "fastest man alive" title - and a whole lot more malicious. Season 1 had Reverse Flash, season 2 had Zoom, and season 3 had Savitar. This time around though, the main theme of the new episodes (apart from Barry's normal propensity for bad decisions and a complicated personal life) will be "The Fastest Mind vs The Fastest Man," as he fights against the mental powers of The Thinker.

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To celebrate this, the talented fan artist BossLogic has produced a new poster to visualize the fight and has shared it on Instagram. The artist freely admits that it's inspired by the promotional work for the Netflix documentary Icarus, which deals with the truth of doping in sports. But his interpretation is a striking image showing the costumed hero entwined in string, with a large hand controlling his motions in a familiar puppet master scenario. BossLogic has previously supplied original fan art for many upcoming shows and films like the reboot of Hellboy and the DCEU version of Reverse Flash. This latest poster is just as accomplished and effective in its simplicity.

Scrolling through @netflix today I saw a poster for a documentary called icarus, the poster was dope and I thought it could work for this season @cwtheflash so I remixed it :D @grantgust ( textless version in my stories)

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Not only is it a cool piece of art, it would seem to tie in nicely with the forces that the superhero will have to tackle in the season. The Flash showrunner Todd Helbing has already teased the TV version of The Thinker. The comics version was able to use mental blasts and mind-control to great effect. The Arrowverse version sounds like he could be "thinking" along those lines as well. Played by actor Neil Sandilands (The 100), he'll need to confront Team Flash without leaving himself vulnerable to their speed powers. Helbing has already hinted that "he has a way of being involved and not being involved at the same time," which would seem to indicate that at least some of the team may fall under his mental influence. With that in mind, the idea of a speedster being controlled by a criminal mind would fit in nicely with this fan poster.

It's a nice teaser for the return of the show, even if it came from a source outside of the production team. The showrunners have already promised that the show will be fun again, and we have the first appearance of The Elongated Man to look forward to. All in all, at the very least it looks like season 4 is shaping up to be one of the more interesting and eventful ones.

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The Flash season 4 will premiere on Tuesday October 10, 2017 at 8pm on The CW.

Source: BossLogic

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