The Flash: Danny Trejo's Breacher Part of Season 4's 'Redirection'

Danny Trejo in Machete

Danny Trejo's Breacher character is part of The Flash season 4’s “redirection”, it’s been revealed. The Machete star was cast as Breacher - the father to Jessica Camacho’s interdimensional bounty hunter, Gypsy - back in July. Other new cast members for the fourth season of The Flash include Hartley Sawyer (as the questionable hero Elongated Man), Neil Sandilands (as the genius villain The Thinker), and Katee Sackhoff (as a recurring new threat, Blacksmith).

The brains behind this CW superhero show clearly decided that a revamp was necessary. As well as chucking in a lot of new faces, they’ve also brought about major changes for recurring cast members: Tom Cavanagh’s Harry Wells will go on an epic emotional journey; Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen will learn to forgive himself; and Candice Patton’s Iris West will find herself getting married to Barry and spending time in couples therapy. Meanwhile, Danielle Panabaker is hoping that Killer Frost’s evil motivations will be explained.

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Now we know how that Trejo’s Breacher will help with the show’s recalibration. As you might expect, Breacher’s arrival on the scene will cause some problems for Carlos Valdes’ Cisco Ramon, who began a romance with Breacher's daughter last season. Here’s what The Flash executive producer Andrew Kreisberg told EW about Breacher:

“Gypsy and Jessica [Camacho], they’re so tough and so strong. We’re like, “Obviously she came from somebody strong,” and we just thought it would be a hilarious idea for Cisco, who’s managed to melt Gypsy’s heart, being unable to do the same with her father.”

Breacher won’t take kindly to Cisco, then, which should open some fun comedic doors. As Kreisberg explained, Trejo’s “character and his storyline with Cisco and Gypsy, it’s part of this slight redirection of the series this year — it’s just doing much more fun stories and much more just out and out hilarious things to match Barry’s newfound optimism and lightness.”

After the gloominess of Barry battling his evil Time Remnant doppelganger in The Flash season 3, it’s good to know that words like ‘fun’, ‘hilarious’, ‘optimism’ and ‘lightness’ are being used to describe the show’s next run. It’s never wise to just churn out more of the same, and this redirection sounds like it could be very enjoyable for fans to witness.

However, you could equally argue that The Flash season 3 ended in such a dark way - with Barry abandoning his friends, family, and fiancé to repent for his crimes in the Speed Force prison - that it would be weird if The Flash season 4 came out of the gates in a fully fun-packed way. It’ll be interesting to see how long it takes the show to segue from dark material to fun stuff.

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The Flash season 4 premieres on The CW on Tuesday, October 10.

Source: EW

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