The Flash: Barry Will Learn to Forgive Himself in Season 4

Barry Allen will be a changed man when he re-emerges from the Speed Force in The Flash season 4. Grant Gustin’s scarlet speedster has been through a lot of stuff over the last few years, on The CW’s superhero TV series - and, to be honest, a decent chunk of Barry’s trauma was caused by his own mistakes.

Most memorably, Barry went back in time at the end of season 2 and stopped the Reverse-Flash from killing his mother. This awful piece of decision-making sent ramifications down the timeline: Cisco’s brother was killed, Caitlin was morphing into Killer Frost, Tom Felton showed up, Savitar was born, Iris nearly died, and H.R. Wells was forced to make the ultimate sacrifice.

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At the close of season 3, the Speed Force prison demanded an occupant. Barry offered to get into it, in a bid to atone for his errors of judgment and all the pain that they caused. And now, according to a new quote from Gustin, it sounds like Barry has found it in his heart to get over it. Here’s what he told Cinema Blend about Barry in The Flash season 4:

“He's been able to let go of a lot of the loss in his life, and forgive himself for a lot of the mistakes he made last year that sent the whole team down the road they went down.”

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In the same interview, Gustin mentioned that Barry’s time in the Speed Force prison involved viewing a “non-linear timeline of his life over and over again from start to end, in really no particular order.”

Echoing previous statements, Gustin explained that the Speed Force will leave Barry “jumbled and messed up” for a time. But after he returns to normal life and reflects on all that he’s seen, apparently Barry will have a “sense of awakening and understanding.” This will lead to the aforementioned self-forgiveness.

The question, really, is whether Barry actually deserves forgiveness. It will be nice to have a version of Barry back in action who isn’t quite so moody and self-loathing, but he’s still got to face the facts: people ended up dead because of his selfish, ill-thought-out actions.

Barry’s post-speedster-prison life will also feature a different costume, a new big bad known as The Thinker, and a fresh ally in the shifting shape of Elongated Man. Plus, Tom Felton won’t show up as often.

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The Flash return to The CW on Tuesday, October 10.

Source: Cinema Blend

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