The Flash Set Photos Reveal More Kid Flash & Dark Speedster

The Flash TV Show Wally West Costume

[WARNING: The following includes SPOILERS for The Flash season 2 and (potentially) season 3]

While The CW has a solid long-term hit in Arrow and a new critical fave in Supergirl, it's the lighthearted Flash that's turned out to be lynchpin of the ever-expanding DC Extended Universe TV brands. Grant Gustin's reality-jumping speedster has provided the benchmark for more fantastical concepts spun off into series like Legends of Tomorrow and a happy-go-lucky tone (often held up by fans as an alternative to the darker versions of the same characters and worlds in feature films).

Now, with audiences primed for Season 3 and a televised version of DC's landmark "Flashpoint" event, new images have appeared offering even more new looks at returning favorites and fresh mysteries.

Posted to the Canadagraphs blog, the new images show off a view of the series in production that should be of great interest to both comics devotees and Flash TV fans alike; including more views of actor Keiynan Lonsdale in his yellow "Kid Flash" threads and an encounter between the new co-star and series lead Grant Gustin - which should likely be considered a potential spoiler for the events of the year-to-air first episode of the series' third season.


Most intriguing, though, is the latest appearance of a still-unidentified third character, apparently portrayed by Vampire Diaries star Todd Lasance. Not officially announced for the new season, the unnamed character appears to be a speedster - possibly yet another "alternate version" of The Flash? - clad in a black costume with yellow highlights and elaborate ear-like decorations on the sides of his mask. While not named as such (and allowing for the series' tendency to play fast and loose with Flash comics canon in regard to identities and code-names) it's likely that many fans will be wondering if this finally means the arrival of Black Flash to the series.

Either that, or this new design for Wally's own Reverse Flash is taking its cues from the version of the villain debuted in Dc's New 52 (himself an estranged member of the West family).

The Reverse Flash DC New 52

Created in 1998 by Grant Morrison, Mark Millar and Ron Wagner, "Black Flash" is a supernatural being who serves as the equivalent of the Grim Reaper for metahumans who draw power from The Speed Force; often appearing before Flashes and other "speedster" characters both good and evil just before the moment of their deaths. The original name of the first (known) Black Flash is a mystery, but the role has been taken up by Barry Allen himself in recent storylines and was also co-opted by Professor Zoom when he became a member of the Black Lantern Corps.

While no confirmation has been made by the makers of The Flash, the final moments of Hunter "Zoom" Zolomon in Season 2 were believed by many to be setting up the character's eventual arrival; as an attack by the Time Wraiths left Zoom's face transformed into a skull-like appearance and his costume seeming to shift into Black Flash colors. Whether or not Lasance is playing this character or someone related to them, however, remains to be seen.

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The Flash season 3 premieres Tuesday, October 4 @8pm on The CW.

Source: Canadagraphs

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