The Flash Producer: ‘Savitar Has A Plan’ For Barry

Savitar in The Flash Season 3

The CW's The Flash has a lot of speedsters as both heroes and villains. Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), is now flanked by both Kid Flash and Jesse Quick and since season 1 he has faced Reverse Flash, Zoom and Savitar. This season it is Savitar, the self-proclaimed, "God of Speed" who has been giving Team Flash a run for their money when they're not dealing with hyper-intelligent, telepathic apes.

The first half of the third season of The Flash dealt with Barry defeating Doctor Alchemy, who was revealed to be newcomer Julian Albert (Tom Felton). Alchemy was acting as a proxy for Savitar (Tobin Bell), who Barry has since seen killing Iris West (Candice Patton), in the future.

In an interview with TV Line, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg addressed how much of a hand Savitar may have had in Barry landing at the exact moment of Iris' death:

"I would say that Savitar has a plan. Since Savitar was kind of tethered to the Philosopher’s Stone, he sent Barry to a time that he needed him to go to."

The Flash season 3 poster - 'New Destinies'

Barry threw the Philosopher's Stone into the Speed Force in episode nine, 'The Present', which was supposed to be the end of Savitar and buy Team Flash the opportunity to fight the future. If that was something Savitar is planning on, as Kreisberg infers, then there's a good chance that both he and the Stone will be making an appearance sooner than perhaps fans of The Flash may be expecting.

Kreisberg's insistence that Savitar sent Barry where he needs him to be could lean fans to question the wisdom in Team Flash's focus on trying to change the future if everything is going to turn out the way Barry originally saw. If Iris' death is a fixed point in time (to borrow a phrase from Doctor Who), then everything they are doing is in service of the bad guy and, essentially, moot.

Conversely, what could be exciting about this level of planning from the season's big bad is that it will take some really quick thinking (pun definitely intended), from Team Flash in order to get through to The Flash season finale alive. With the lingering possibility of Iris' death, it also makes the audience's time with her more precious and creates a unique opportunity for the writers to do something truly remarkable with her before she meets an untimely end.

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The Flash airs on The CW Tuesdays at 8pm.

Source: TV Line

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