The Flash: Robbie Amell Teases Firestorm Return Details

Robbie Amell as Ronnie Raymond Firestorm on The Flash

The last time Robbie Amell was on The Flash, he was playing an alternate version of his character Ronnie Raymond. Instead of the heroic metahuman known as Firestorm, Amell was given a chance to show his dastardly side as the character's Earth-2 counterpart, Deathstorm. That was back in season 2 when the series really got into its dimension-hopping groove and the idea of playing around with alternate versions of familiar characters. Since then, Ronnie hasn't been heard from, but Amell has often discussed his desire to make a return to the series and to play opposite co-stars Grant Gustin, Danielle Pannabaker, and, of course, Victor Garber, without whom there could be no Firestorm.

Amell hinted a return was in the offing early last year at Emerald City Comic-Con, but further details were scant after that. After all, the actor's been busy securing funding for Code 8, which he co-created alongside his cousin Stephen Amell, as well as appearing in FOX's recent revival of The X-Files and the Netflix original movie ARQ. With those projects now well behind him, now's the perfect time to jump in front of the green screen and take off as Firestorm once more… maybe.

As reported by EW, Amell discussed his future on The Flash at the Hockey Goes Hollywood event that's part of the NHL All-Star Weekend. When asked about rejoining the Scarlet Speedster and his ever-growing team of metahumans (and fellow fleet-footed friends), Amell confirmed he filmed scenes for an upcoming episode, but remained mum as far as verifying Ronnie was indeed back from the dead.

“I was there last week. I can tell you that my scenes are with Grant [Gustin] and Danielle [Panabaker]. And I may or may not be alive.”

“It’s always great to work with all of them. I rarely get to have scenes with Grant. The only time he and I had a scene that was just the two of us I was Stein at the time. I was pretending to be Victor Garber. So it was cool to have a real scene with Grant.”

The Flash Firestorm Robbie Amell Powers

Although Amell didn't reveal any earth-shattering details when it comes to Ronnie's present state (provided he is in the present and not the past or the future), his sharing a scene with Barry will give fans something to look out for. Still, a one-on-one with Gustin could be the result of any number of potential scenarios, especially given the speedster's recent penchant for jumping through time and into various other dimensions. The series may even take a cue from Arrow and have Ronnie's Earth-2 counterpart take center stage rather than the one who sacrificed his life to save Central City.

Whatever the cause of Ronnie's return, it'll likely be met with excitement from fans. As often as the series brings back special guest stars in the form of villains or extra-dimensional doppelgängers, the return of Robbie Amell is a long time coming. With any luck it'll be worth the wait.

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Source: EW

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