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Season 3 of The Flash has introduced a number of new speedsters to the already impressive list of good and bad guys literally running around Barry Allen's increasingly crowded corner of the Arrowverse. In season 1, it was Reverse-Flash, while season 2 brought about Zoom and Jay Garrick. Now, season 3 has to make room for the self-proclaimed God of Speed Savitar, Jesse Quick, and, of course, Wally West, who has recently taken on the mantle of Kid Flash after his powers finally manifested.

Kid Flash has been a central figure in the season 3 storyline so far, factoring in to the 'Flashpoint' premiere as the primary protector of Central City in the aftermath of Barry's selfish and ill-advised tampering with the time stream. It was a big moment for fans of the character, as it not only afforded him the chance to don his snazzy red and yellow outfit, but it paved the way for Wally to become a superhero once Barry (mostly) fixed the damage he'd done. But season 3 wasn't just going to give Wally his powers and call it a day, the would-be hero had to travel an unexpected road in order to get what he wanted, one that would lead to ongoing tension between him and his mentor in the Speed Force.

The relationship between Barry and Wally has so far been fraught with tension, as the less experienced speedster has proven to be impetuous at times. But while their partnership hasn't gotten off to the most auspicious of starts, a new poster suggests it will be a match made is superhero heaven after a while. The new poster comes courtesy of The Flash Brasil Twitter account. Take a look below:

Keiynan Lonsdale and Grant Gustin in The Flash

The phrase "Lighting Strikes Twice" certainly has a nice ring to it, especially in relation to there finally (officially) being two heroic speedsters on Team Flash, after the titular hero has faced off against so many evil doppelgangers over the past few seasons. Sure, Jesse Quick and the real Jay Garrick count to a certain degree, as they have helped Barry and the rest of Team Flash in the past, but their futures lie in another dimension. Wally, on the other hand, is ready to race around Earth 1 with Barry and the other metahumans popping up on a regular basis.

Testing Wally's mettle comes at a less-than-convenient time, as The Flash has raised the stakes with regard to Iris's pending demise at the hands of Savitar and the prophecy the villain shared that may or may not be an attempt to get into his opponent's head before the big game. That means Wally's going to be put through a crucible in terms of becoming a hero, if he's going to help Barry defeat the God of Speed. Hopefully, lightning will strike twice when the heroes need it most.

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The Flash continues on Tuesday with 'Dead of Alive' @8pm on The CW.

Source: The Flash Brasil

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