The Flash Season 3 Set Photos Tease Mark Hamill’s Return

New set images from The Flash season 3 tease a confrontational reunion between John Wesley Shipp's Flash and Mark Hamill's Trickster.

Flash Rogues Trickster

Following a quick semi-resolution to Flashpoint, season 3 of The Flash has been dealing with the emergence of new metahumans thanks to the inference of Doctor Alchemy. Alchemy, who is slated to be the season's main villain, along with Savitar, has been restoring the abilities of those who had powers during the Flashpoint timeline. Barry Allen and team have already faced off with two such metahumans, Rival and Magenta, and will be doing battle next week with Mirror Master. Of course, The Flash features many villains, not all of which have powers.

One of Barry Allen's most prominent villains, Captain Cold, will be making his return next week, after perishing in the penultimate episode of Legends of Tomorrow season 1. And Snart is a highly formidable and dangerous member of Flash's Rouges, with only his wits and cold gun. Another non-powered recurring villain on The Flash has been James Jesse aka The Trickster (played by the legendary Mark Hamill). Hamill has appeared as Trickster in one episode each season of The Flash, and it appears that trend will continue in season 3.

Several set photos have popped up on Twitter that feature Hamill, presumably as Trickster, alongside John Wesley Shipp's Jay Garrick (The Flash of Earth-3). You can check out the images below:

One more! #TheFlash @WhatsFilming

— Bruna Skrzypek (@BrunaSkrzypek) October 19, 2016

So I guess this is the villain! @WhatsFilming #TheFlash

— Bruna Skrzypek (@BrunaSkrzypek) October 19, 2016


Hamill's appearance in these images is quite different from his prior appearances on The Flash. Here, his face is covered in chalked makeup, and his suit looks straight out of Tim Burton's Batman - tommy gun to boot. If Hamill was not already known as Trickster on The Flash, it almost looks like he could be portraying an Earth-3 version of Joker (a character Hamill has long voiced). Considering that scenario is astronomically unlikely, we are probably seeing the Earth-3 version of Trickster here, with perhaps some comedic nods to Hamill's years playing the Joker.

What is perhaps most intriguing about the images is that we will likely see Trickster and Jay Garrick face off in this episode. In the 1990s' The Flash series, Hamill also portrayed The Trickster, who was a major antagonist of that series' Barry Allen; played by, you guessed it, Shipp (who now plays Henry Allen and Jay Garrick). Assuming we are seeing images from a scene (or scenes) in Earth-3, we will have to wait to see why the series will be traveling to that particular point in the multiverse, and whether Grant Gustin's Barry Allen becomes involved with the confrontation. The images are probably from this year's mid-season finale, as Hamill appeared in the same episode last season, titled 'Running While Standing Still'.

The Flash season 3 continues next Tuesday with ‘The New Rogues’ at 8PM on the CW.

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