The Flash Season 3 Casts Greg Grunberg in Recurring Role

The CW superhero series casts Geeking Out host and Heroes alum Greg Grunberg as a new recurring character in its current third season.

Greg Grunberg Cast in The Flash Season 3

The Arrowverse has welcomed a number of notable new additions over the past few months, through the latest seasons of Arrow, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and The Flash. The latter series has been busy building up a number of mysterious antagonistic forces throughout the past several episodes, including Dr. Alchemy, Caitlin Snow's Killer Frost, and with a surprise at the end of the latest episode, none other than Savitar himself, the God of Speed. Following the brief, aggressive introduction of Savitar, the next episode seems like it'll be focusing heavily on both Caitlin Snow's Killer Frost and Dr. Alchemy, whose identity up until this point has been kept a mystery.

This is all leading up to the massive, four-part "Invasion!" crossover between all of the Arrowverse shows in a few weeks of course. With next week's episode of The Flash set to feature the return of Kevin Smith as a director on the series as well however, it looks like fans can expect to see yet another Geeking Out alum having a role to play in the current season of the CW superhero series.

Mashable is reporting that Geeking Out host and frequent J.J. Abrams collaborator, Greg Grunberg, has been cast in a recurring role in The Flash's third season. According to the report, Grunberg will be playing Detective Tom Patterson, an intimidating figure at the Central City Police Department, with an unwavering dedication to protecting Central City from the metahumans that threaten to destroy it. Grunberg will make his Flash debut in next week's episode titled, "Killer Frost."

Greg Grunberg Cast in The Flash Season 3

While Grunberg's casting has been kept secret until now, it doesn't come as much of a surprise in hindsight. Aside from his well-respected place in the geek community, "Killer Frost" was also directed by Kevin Smith, his co-host on Geeking Out, who likely had some say in his joining the show's cast. Whether or not his Det. Patterson ends up being just a new addition to the Central City Police Department or another repercussion of Barry's time travel actions in "Flashpoint," like some of the other new characters this season, will reamain to be seen.

Coincidentally enough though, Grunberg's character sounds strikingly similar to Juliana Harkavy's new role in Arrow this season, with both characters being determined detectives focused on protecting their cities from metahumans. Harkavy's character reportedly transfers to Star City from Central City also, and it'll be interesting to see if this ends up being nothing more than a coincidence, or if the two characters are in some way related to each other. Either way, it looks like both Oliver Queen and Barry Allen will have more to worry about in their new seasons than just vigilantes and supernatural foes.

The Flash season 3 continues next Tuesday with ‘Killer Frost’ at 8pm on The CW.

Source: Mashable

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