The Flash Heads to Gorilla City in Upcoming Episode

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Comic books about superheros seamlessly blend science-fiction and fantasy with realism to create the complex characters and worlds that embody them. Everything from magic to aliens to superpowers to parallel worlds become a normal part of life for the people in the stories. So when they are translated to film or television, there are many opportunities for special effects and creative thinking to turn fantasy into reality, at least on screen.

The Flash TV show tends to focus more on the science-fiction aspects than the fantasy, though both do still exist. This is probably why so many of the show's main characters are scientists. So while talking, intelligent animals are usually an element of fantasy, Gorilla Grodd was the result of scientific experiments on The Flash. He was a normal gorilla, until Harrison Well's experiments made him smarter.

And the team is going to see Grodd again this season. EP Aaron Helbing spoke to EW about the upcoming two-part Flash season 3 episode that not only brings Grodd back, but also brings the team to Gorilla City on Earth-2:

“The team will go to Gorilla City. We’ll see where Grodd was sent. We’ll see his standing amongst the other gorillas. There are some sequences in the two episodes that are unbelievable. They’re epic and unbelievable in scale and scope. I’ve never seen anything like it on television.”

The Flash season 2 - Gorilla Grodd

Gorilla City - previously only seen from a distance on The Flash TV show - is the home to many intelligent gorillas on Earth-2. Fans have been excited about the possibility of seeing it up close finally, and learning how Grodd has been doing among his peers.

At this time, it is unknown whether the gorillas will be friends or foes. In fact, it's not known whether Grodd is an ally or an enemy to Barry Allen and his friends. Grodd has mostly behaved as an enemy in the past, having kidnapped both Joe and Caitlin at different times and wreaked quite a bit of havoc on Central City before relocating. Still, it was Barry who sent him to his new home in Gorilla City, so he might be grateful at this point - assuming that he's happy.

While Helbing did not mention who else from Earth-2 will be seen, there are a few obvious guesses. It seems unlikely that Team Flash will go to Earth-2 without checking in with old friends Harry Wells and Jessie Quick. Or maybe this will explain the return of Rick Cosnett as Eddie Thawne. After all, he's still alive on Earth-2. Or at least he was when the team was there last year, according to Barry and Iris' list of phone contacts.

The Flash continues with 'Dead or Alive' on the CW at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, January 31.

Source: EW

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