The Flash 'Fury Rogue' Synopsis Reveals Captain Cold's Return

Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold

Wentworth Miller is returning to The Flash. The actor plays Leonard Snart/Captain Cold and his other Earth counterparts in the Arrowverse. Most recently the Earth X version of the character, known as Leo Snart/Citizen Cold, was seen on Legends of Tomorrow. However, he decided to leave the Waverider and return to his own Earth and his boyfriend The Ray/Ray Terrill (Russell Tovey).

Miller recently announced he would be returning to The Flash this season. The news came after his heartfelt Instagram post (which has since been deleted) stating his departure from the Arrowverse. The last time Miller appeared on The Flash was in the season 3 episode "Infantino Street" when Barry (Grant Gustin) went back in time ask for Snart's help saving Iris (Candice Patton) from Savitar.

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The CW has released the synopsis for the upcoming episode 19 of The Flash season 3 titled "Fury Rouge," which marks Wentworth's return to the show. He won't be coming back as Barry's old frenemy, but as his new, Earth X version. Director Rachel Talalay, best known for her work on Doctor Who, will return to direct the episode written by Jeff Hersh & Joshua V. Gilbert.

WENTWORTH MILLER RETURNS AS CITIZEN COLD — When Barry (Grant Gustin) needs help transporting a dangerous meta, he calls on a new friend for help – Leo Snart AKA Citizen Cold (guest star Wentworth Miller). Meanwhile, Cisco (Carlos Valdes) becomes suspicious of Harry (Tom Cavanagh).

The Flash Barry Allen and Captain Cold Into The Speed Force

Could the "dangerous meta" Barry needs help with be Amunt Black (Katee Sackhoff), who has been collecting and selling other metahumans throughout the season? Or could it be one of the final missing bus metas who somehow figures into The Thinker's plan? The STAR Labs team has had their hands full with metahumans this season and Devoe's powers are only getting stronger. The more help Barry can get, the better.

No matter the reason for his return, it will be great to see Miller, an original rogue, back on the show and working alongside Gustin again. It will also be fun to see how Citizen Cold will differ in his interactions with the Flash than his Earth 1 counterpart. This could potentially be the last time we see Miller in the Arrowverse, so fans should enjoy his sneering presence and delicious scene chewing. Miller has helped Snart become a fan favorite - no matter what Earth he is from - thanks to the way he has played the character and it is always good to have him back, even for a little while.

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The Flash returns Tuesday, April 10th on The CW at 8 PM with "Null and Annoyed".

Source: The CW

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