The Flash: Behind-the-Scenes Photos Show Eddie Thawne's Return

The Flash - Rick Cosnett as Eddie Thawne

Two absolutes when it comes to comic books about superheroes -- and the movies and shows based on them -- are that sometimes people die, and that they do not always stay dead. Even the all powerful Superman has been dead... for awhile. And the inclusion of the multiverse has made bringing people back even easier. It's not really the same person, it's their double from another Earth. Much like the return of Laurel on Arrowanother character from The CW's lineup of DC TV shows is coming back from the dead, this time it's Eddie Thawne on The Flash.

Thawne, played by Rick Cosnett, was a regular character in season 1. At first, he simply seemed to be a thorn in Barry's side. He was dating Iris, who Barry has loved since childhood. He was also Joe's partner, meaning Joe and Barry both had to put a lot of effort into keeping Eddie from finding out that Barry was the Flash. After learning that his descendent was Reverse-Flash, Eddie saved everyone by sacrificing himself, preventing Eobard Thawne from ever being born. He did pop into season 2 twice, though, in a fantasy of Barry's and again when Barry traveled back in time.

Cosnett's season 3 return as Thawne was announced a short while ago, and it would seem that filming has begun, judging by the behind-the-scenes selfie that Cosnett tweeted today. Actress Candice Patton also tweeted a photo, offering a group shot of Grant Gustin, Rick Cosnett, Jesse L. Martin, and herself on the Jitters set.

Hi #theflashseason3 #jesselmartin

— Rick Cosnett (@RickCosnett) January 30, 2017

It's a good day over here on The Flash!

— Candice Patton (@candicekp) January 30, 2017

It's hard to say whether Cosnett is in costume in the picture or not. Jesse L. Martin probably is, Joe West wears that knit hat pretty regularly. But Cosnett seems to be wearing a letter jacket with a Flash pin on it. Could be a costume, or he could just be cold.

So far, Eddie's return has not been explained. He could be a part of a flashback, a fantasy, or time and/or interdimensional travel are at play once again. Like Laurel, he could be the Earth-2 Eddie. That seems to fit, as the team is going to Earth-2 for a two-part episode that takes them to Gorilla City. And while Eddie's double was not seen the last time they were in Earth-2, he was teased on Barry and Iris' phone. Then again, this Thawne could be from another Earth, such as the same Earth-19 that H.R. is from. Really, the possibilities are endless.

The Flash continues with ‘Dead or Alive’ on The CW at 8pm on Tuesday, January 31.

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Source: Candice Patton, Rick Cosnett

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