The Flash Has ‘Big, Exciting Plans’ For Caitlin Snow

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Fans of The CW's Arrowverse won't have to wait much longer for their favorite shows to return, as all four series will be back in just a few weeks. Over on the The Flash, things haven't slowed down since the Dominators invaded, as the midseason finale of the hit show closed a few doors while opening up many more. Though Team Flash was able to seemingly get rid of Savitar, Barry learned the hard way that the God of Speed's threat is far from finished. The show now essentially has a ticking clock, as Barry and the audience ride out the next 5 months and see if Iris really will be gone for good.

There's also the question of where Julian Albert goes from here. It looks like Tom Felton will be sticking around for awhile, so we'll just have to wait and see whether he cools off when it comes to his opinion of his lab partner. As for Cisco and Caitlin, there may still be a battle between Vibe and Killer Frost in our future. If Cisco's vision is to be believed, he'll first need a more comics-appropriate suit. For Caitlin's part, the show's return will definitely be exploring the growth of her powers, and what that means for her personality.

TV Line recently spoke with producer Aaron Helbing about what fans can expect from some of their favorite characters when The Flash returns. Not only did he promise more from Julian and Savitar, but he teased that the writers and producers have "big, exciting plans" for Dr. Snow. Whether that means her continuing journey towards Killer Frost, or a full-blown attempt at being a superhero (Savior Frost?), we'll have to wait and see.

The Flash Season 3 Killer Frost Caitlin Barry

Helbing also touched on the importance of Iris and teased that her brother Wally will "go a little half-cocked" when it comes to his new role as Kid Flash. Though Barry and Wally don't have that many years between them, the younger Flash has a lot to learn from his new mentor when it comes to being a superhero and keeping a cool head. It's not just the returning characters that'll be getting the spotlight, as we learned recently that Gypsy will be making the jump from comics to TV.

Her story will mostly be connected to Cisco, referencing their shared time in Justice League Detroit in the comics. Helbing called the character "badass" and teased her relationship with Cisco by saying she's "someone he can't stop thinking about." Much like his flirtation with Golden Glider, however, it won't all be sunshine and roses. Helbing made sure to note that Gypsy would serve as "a very strong adversary" for Cisco as well. All in all, it looks to be an exciting remainder of the season for the Scarlet Speedster.

The Flash Season 3 returns on Tuesday, January 24th @ 8 p.m. EST on The CW.

Source: TV Line

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