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The Flash - Black Flash

The Flash season 3 is on the move and casting new villains (including a female Top, Mirror Master, Dr. Alchemy and Savitar) to go head to head with the Scarlet Speedster. The season will begin with Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) dealing with the major fallout from Flashpoint. In the season 2 finale, Barry made a rather selfish decision to travel back in time to save his mother from being killed. This action created an alternate universe that only Barry knows about - no one knows him, he starts to forget his core memories, and even his powers.

The Flashpoint story arc was set up perfectly in the finale, but something else occurred involving Zoom (Teddy Sears) that left fans of the show scratching their heads. Barry's actions that stopped the villainous Zoom (Teddy Sears) from destroying the multi-verse, also created a time remnant of The Flash. This attracted the Time Wraiths, who appeared to transform Zoom into the Black Flash. While the season 2 finale did tease the idea that Zoom is now Black Flash, there was no clear confirmation, leaving fans wondering if Black Flash would return for the upcoming season.

In  recent interview with EW, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg discussed the probable return of Teddy Sears as Black Flash:

“Obviously we did that on purpose. We love working with Teddy [Sears]. He’s such an amazing actor and amazing person, and was so much a part of the success of this show last season. There aren’t any immediate plans for that, but you can’t keep a good Black Flash down, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing him in the future."

Flash season 3 Zoom Black Flash

So, did Zoom really become the Black Flash?  Based on Kreisberg's recent comments the answer is "yes," but there's nothing definitive yet on when Black Flash will be making his first live-action appearance. In the comics, Black Flash is basically the grim reaper for speedsters, sending them back to Speed Force when they die. While technically a villain, Black Flash is more of a personification of death itself.

While it would be exciting to see Black Flash, season 3 is already jam-packed full of villains for Barry to battle after the Flashpoint storyline comes to an end. And since Kreisberg didn't offer anything definitive on when or how Black Flash would appear, the transformation scene in the season 2 finale may have just been a nod to the original comics, giving the audience a bit of fan service. Either way, we'll have to wait and see if Black Flash plays a role in season 3.

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The Flash season 3 will premiere Tuesday October 4th at 8pm on The CW, Arrow season 5 will premiere in the same timeslot on Wednesday October 5th, Supergirl season 2 on Monday October 10th, and Legends of Tomorrow season 2 on Thursday October 13th.

Source: EW

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