The Flash Season 3.5 Extended Trailer: Barry vs. the Future

Barry and Iris in the new trailer for The Flash 3x10, "Borrowing Problems from the Future"

After the DCEU Invasion! crossover event gave The CW some of its best ratings of all time, fans are itching to see their favorite heroes return to the network next week. After a dramatic midseason finaleThe Flash in particular will return with a number of pressing questions -- and one key character's fate -- up in the air.

After a devastating standoff with Savitar in the winter finale, Barry must now figure out how to prevent a terrifying future in which the villain kills Iris. The 2017 midseason premiere synopsis for The Flash reveals that Barry will struggle to navigate his duties as a superhero alongside the pressing possibility of Iris's death, leaving Wally/Kid Flash to step up to the plate. Images from the episode reveal a similar story (and show off Kid Flash's new duds), but it can be hard to piece together all aspects of an episode based on those two things alone. Thankfully, we now have an extended trailer for the episode too.

The trailer offers a rather morose tone for the otherwise effervescent show that is The Flash, as Barry and Iris confront the possibility of her grim future. Barry and his team prepare to fight the seemingly inevitable, with just enough room for Cisco to make a Back to the Future joke. Prepare yourself for goosebumps, then check out the full trailer, above.

Barry Allen in the new trailer for The Flash 3x10, "Borrowing Problems from the Future"

In true superhero arc fashion, as soon as Barry gets the girl, he may lose her. Much like he created Flashpoint at the beginning of season 3 to try and save his mother, Barry may face some serious fallout as a result of this episode. Titled "Borrowing Problems from the Future," the midseason premiere is directed by The Flash vet Millicent Shelton, with a script by staff writers Grainne Godfree and David Kob.

The Flash is definitely keeping it in the family for this one, which is what such a grave episode deserves after the show's crossover romp. While it will be awesome to see Barry's team fighting such a terrifying future together, the results could be disastrous. After all, Iris's death would signal another addition to the Women in Refrigerators superhero trope, as well as detract from the strides Barry and Iris have made as a positive on-screen interracial relationship. In short, we're hoping they don't go there -- but you never know with the DCTV universe.

Everyone is on the edge of their seat for The Flash's return, and this trailer only fuels that fire. Luckily, we only have one week to go until its air date, so the future isn't as far off as it seems.

The Flash returns with ‘Borrowing Problems from the Future’ on Tuesday, January 24th at 8pm on The CW.

Source: The CW

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