The Flash Season 2: New Stills Offer Clear Look at Jay Garrick

When The Flash returns to the CW this fall we will see a new team dynamic that is much changed from what we became accustomed to during Season 1. Still reeling from the battle with Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh), the death of Eddie Thawne (Rick Cosnett), and defeating the black hole that opened up over the city, Barry Allen will also have to fight new enemies from the multiple alternate universes that the show will be exploring in greater detail.

In fact, Season 2 will bring a host of new characters - some from their own universe and some not  - with their own mysterious intentions. We can now reveal more information about two of the newcomers who will be mixing things up in Central City.

The CW has released new images from the second episode of The Flash Season 2 titled "The Flash Of Two Worlds" that give us a closer look at the speedster from another universe, Jay Garrick (Teddy Sears) as well as Patty Spivot (Shantel VanSanten), a new detective working with Joe (Jesse L. Martin) on the meta-human task force.

The images show Garrick clad in a scarlet red jacket with a lightning blot symbol down the middle and his signature winged hat - which was spotted emerging from the black hole at the end of Season 1 - facing off against someone in a mysterious warehouse. We can see Detective Spivot at that same warehouse and in some degree of trouble. Allen is there as The Flash, speaking with her while she is tied to a chair.

While it has yet to be revealed if the two superheroes will be working together as partners, we've already seen in the show's trailers that Garrick has presumably come to this universe to help Barry, warning him about the evil speedster Zoom and the various dangers coming his way. Hopefully we are looking at a true ally for Allen, after the dark turn his last mentor took it would be disappointing to see Garrick turn into another enemy in disguise.

The Flash has a lot of complicated subject matter ahead of it: opening up the multiverse, exploring time travel and continuing to build upon new and dangerous powers that the meta-humans wield. As long as the writers continue to balance these new layers with character development and meaningful relationships, this should only enhance the already excellent show.

Season 2 of The Flash premieres Tuesday, October 6 at 8pm/7 central; Season 4 of Arrow debuts Wednesday October 7 at 8pm/7 central; Legends of Tomorrow begins in 2016.

Source: CBM

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The Flash Season 2: New Stills Offer Clear Look at Jay Garrick