Next season on The Flash even more heroes and villains are descending on Central City, including Atom SmasherHawkman, and a slew of (possible) speedsters – Jesse Quick, Jay Garick, and Wally West. Also joining The Flash for season 2 is Doctor Light, a name given to a couple of DC Comics characters over the years and one briefly mentioned in season 1 as a former S.T.A.R. Labs employee.

Only recently we learned to expect a female character called Doctor Light (Dr. Light?) to appear next season, and the fact that it’s a woman character suggests she’d be something similar to Kimiyo Hoshi, a hero and DC’s second Doctor Light (as opposed to their first, who was a villain). We don’t yet know for sure if The Flash‘s Dr. Light – which is likely to be the character’s proper given name, not a masked identity, since it’s the name Caitlin Snow referred to them by – will be strictly a hero or villain. However, given that The Flash tends to put its own spin on such comic book characters, she’ll likely be a little of both.

Either way, a pair of set photos (via Canadagraphs) confirm that there is in fact a new female character on The Flash next season, she has a superhero (or villain) costume, and judging by the color scheme there’s a strong chance it’s this Doctor/Dr. Light. Take a look at the link below.

Click Here for Set Photos of Doctor Light

The photos only show the character from behind, which isn’t enough detail to confirm that this is Dr. Light, let alone a version most like Kimiyo Hoshi’s Doctor Light. But with that getup, it’s tough to imagine she’d be anyone else.

Doctor Light Kimiyo Hoshi The Flash Season 2 Set Photos Tease Female Doctor Light

Not only does the character in the set photos share the black and white color scheme with the Doctor Light of the comics, but she appears to be wearing a headpiece not too dissimilar from what Kimiyo Hoshi wears. Again, not quite enough to outright confirm this is the Dr. Light coming to The Flash in season 2, but enough circumstantial evidence to make a strong possibility.

What do you think, Screen Rant readers? Is this our first look at The Flash‘s Doctor Light?

Season 2 of The Flash premieres Tuesday, October 6 at 8pm/7 central, with season 4 of Arrow premiering the following evening, Wednesday October 7, also at 8pm/7 central. Legends of Tomorrow premieres in 2016.

Source: Canadagraphs (via CMB)

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