The Flash: Kevin Smith Teases 'Insanely Strong' Season 2 Finale

The Flash Season 2 Finale Ending

[WARNING: This article contains potential SPOILERS for The Flash season 2.]


If you're looking for proof that the old rules of TV writing - to save some of your best tricks, twists and changes until they're absolutely needed - have become totally obsolete, look no farther than The Flash. Not only did the show introduce (and kill) the DC Comics hero's biggest villain in the debut season, but have made time travel, alternate universes, and even alternate Flashes integral parts of the show's fiction. And according to one fan who knows exactly what ending the writers have in store for this season, the fans are in for one of the biggest surprises yet.

The fan in question is comic book writer/director Kevin Smith, having recently become such an outspoken fan of The CW series, he was given the job of directing an episode near the second season's end ("The Runaway Dinosaur") - an episode that just so happened to be one of the biggest doses of mythology-building to date. Apparently that blast of cosmic fiction is going to be more important than fans may realize, sending Barry Allen into the end of the season on such a "bold" note... he can't even grasp where Season 3 begins.

Smith discussed the coming close to the season on his "Fatman on Batman" podcast having completed his episode of The Flash not long before. It turns out it wasn't just the Supergirl finale Smith wound up getting the scoop on, but while filming "The Runaway Dinosaur", he got a thorough plan for what the next Flash episodes will contain. That includes a moment involving Zoom (Teddy Sears) that he wishes he could have directed himself:

"They got the breakdown of what the last two episodes are, and there was something that happened in the episode after mine - and it includes [Sears] in a big, bad way, and I was like [pained screams]. I wished that I was directing it because it is mad genius! It's the finale of the episode right after mine, so like the penultimate episode.

"I saw that breakdown and was like [gasp]. And then for what they decided to do for the absolute finale... it was kind of mad s*** as well. It's crazy. Like this is a show that ends BIG. Last season they ended on that huge high note where [Jay Garrick's] hat comes through at the end... It felt like that season finale was huge. It feels like the last three episodes of this [season], and I'm not throwing mine in for ego or anything like that, but the storyline that happens in that episode, the Barry stuff, is really crucial to the last two episodes so it feels like a triumvirate of episodes. Ends insanely, insanely strong."

The Flash Runaway Dinosaur Review

Smith has made no secret of his affection and investment in The Flash so far, so it's likely that the fan service of the coming episodes alone could warrant his excitement. But The Flash has delivered some powerful storytelling already (Smith's episode included), and the writers have more than enough balls in the air to have them all start landing with impact.

For starters, there's the fact that the two newest members of Team Flash - Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) and Jesse Wells (Violett Beane) - may have gained superpowers through the recreated particle accelerator explosion that sent Barry into the Speed Force. And, of course, there's the inevitable showdown with Zoom guaranteed to be one for the ages. But as Smith continues, it doesn't seem like the enjoyment or "insanity" will be contained to action scenes or plot twists, but where the show will actually head following the season finale:

"When I saw that last sheet I was like 'How do you follow this up?' It's not like drop the mic, cancel the show, but it's such a weird pivot moment in Season 2, it's something most cats would do in like... Season 5?

"They must have had a conversation where they were like 'If we're going to do this, what happens when we land?' Because the jump is glorious... They make bold, creative writing choices over there, and this is absolutely one of the boldest."

Fans can start guessing (if they haven't already) what the writers have in store, after literally ripping a hole in their universe in the previous season finale. But with Barry gaining more peace and happiness than ever before, and Wally West primed to exhibit some superpowers of his own, it's entirely possible that the finale could feature Barry's death - with Wally stepping up to take his place as the Fastest Man Alive.

Wally West Becomes The Flash Comic

Well, that should really be "Barry's death," since he eventually returned to the DC Comics universe after decades presumed dead, having sacrificed himself to save the entire world. If the writers do go through with moving Barry out and Wally in, the fans will assume that he will return in good time. But until then, it's a darn good way of keeping fans talking.

What do you Flash fans think? Is the death of a hero, or his disappearance into the cosmic Speed Force the season finale you would hope to see, or would the inevitability of Grant Gustin's return make it a hollow twist? Think you have a better prediction for what twist ending has Smith over the moon? Let us know in the comments.

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The Flash's season finale, "The Race of His Life" airs @8pm Tuesday, May 24th on The CW.

Source: Fatman on Batman

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