The Flash: The Darkness & the Light Preview - Jay Garrick vs. Dr. Wells

The Flash season 2, The Darkness and the Light - Dr. Wells

[SPOILERS for those not caught up on The Flash season 2 ahead.]


In the season 1 world of The Flash, Barry (Grant Gustin) had a strong, positive relationship with his mentor Dr. Wells (Tom Cavanagh), at least until the scientist's true identity was revealed. It's not yet clear how how Barry will interact with the newly-arrived Wells from Earth-2, but his counterpart Jay Garrick (Teddy Sears) apparently won't be pleased to see him.

In the above clip from tonight's The Flash episode, "The Darkness and the Light", Earth-2 Wells is debuting his new meta-human detector, which sounds a lot like the Renautas technology from Heroes Reborn. Jay's Flash zaps into the press conference to confront Wells, accusing him of creating all of the metahumans he seems keen on alerting others to. Wells turns the tables, questioning the speedster's hero status by bringing up the still-at-large Zoom.

Last week's "The Fury of Firestorm" ended with Earth-2 Wells saving Barry and Officer Patty Spivot (Shantel VanSanten) from being eaten by a man-shark (aka, King Shark). This shows a lot less animosity than the flashback to his encounter with Jay, but it won't be surprising if this new Wells has as many ulterior motives as the old one.

The Flash actor Cavanaugh tells TVLine that the collision between the characters in the two worlds will be worth watching.

"In the same way we had a push me/pull you relationship last year between The Flash and Harrison, [Jay and Wells] have…I don’t know if the word 'similar' applies, but we certainly do have a relationship. You’ve taken two of the larger personalities from Earth-1 and you’ve put them together [in Season 1], and this season you’ve taken two of the larger personalities from Earth-2 and put them together. The viewers won’t be disappointed."

In addition to the much-awaited interaction between Wells and the two Flashes, tonight's The Flash episode features more traffic through the portal. We'll finally get introduced to Dr. Light, and she'll have some interesting things to reveal about Zoom. On the lighter side, Barry takes another step to moving on from Iris by going on a date with Patty.

The Flash season 2, The Darkness and the Light - Dr. Wells

This link with Earth-2 is going to create a lot of headaches for Earth-1's Team Flash, and possibly for the TV audience trying to keep all of the characters straight. The potential for labyrinthine plots is high, with our heroes possibly running into doppelgangers without being aware of which universe they're from.

Wells was a fantastic shroud of mystery for the first season, so it's good to have him back. Barry's going to be going through an overwhelming amount of emotions, with the added suspicion of not knowing the scientist's true intentions. Barry had just gotten over his trust issues with Jay - and we'll soon find out if all of those defense mechanisms will kick into overdrive once again.

The Flash season 2 continues with "The Darkness and the Light" tonight, on The CW at 8/7c.

Source: TVLine

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