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The Flash vs the Reverse Flash

[SPOILERS for The Flash season one ahead.]


The first season of CW's The Flash ended on quite a cliffhanger. Since then, fans have been guessing about what season two will unleash; seeing as it will be opening the door to the multiverse, that means the possibilities are endless. As fans speculate about which characters may appear and which direction the story may go, San Diego Comic-Con 2015 is providing plenty of new teasers.

Season two's new Flash costume - which has a new emblem with a white background on the chest - was on display at the hugely popular event and a new promo video for the upcoming CW show DC's Legends of Tomorrow recapped Barry Allen's history as the Flash. However, the truly attention-grabbing updates often come from the cast of the show itself, and that proved to be true during recent interviews for The Flash.

While speaking with Cinemablend during a roundtable interview, actor Grant Gustin offered some huge teasers about new elements being introduced in The Flash season two. He briefly teased his character having a new mentor in the upcoming episodes, while he also mentioned Flash will use his super-speed to discover a brand new ability. Flash has already used his speed to phase through solid objects and even break the time barrier, but Gustin refused to reveal what the new ability is and he was purposely vague about it:

"I mentioned he’ll have a new mentor in Season 2. In the second episode they’re already working together and in the second episode, Barry does something new with his powers that is really exciting to me. We’ve never done it before. It’s pretty different than anything else we’ve done."

When asked for a hint about Flash's new power, Gustin only added, "it involves lightning."

The Flash CW Barry Allen Grant Gustin

Meanwhile, Gustin also commented on actor Tom Cavanagh (Dr. Harrison Wells/Reverse-Flash) returning for the new season. He explained the two wont meet right away, but the possibility of them interacting certainly does exist. Seeing as the show is delving into the concept of a multiverse in the new season, many fans assumed Cavanagh would reprise his role as an alternate universe version of Wells. According to Gustin's comment, it looks like those assumptions are correct:

"Wells and Barry won’t be interacting at all, right out of the gate. Wells is on the show, but we’re introducing the multiverse concept so that’s why he still exists somewhere."

Since it's confirmed Jay Garrick will play a role in season two - and he had a standout easter egg in the Season 1 finale - it seems fair to assume he'll likely be the one to become Flash's new mentor and possibly even the one to teach him the new ability. In the comics, Jay Garrick is the original Flash and was part of the Justice Society of America (and he hailed from Keystone City).

As for the power, Flash can create vortexes and reach absurdly impressive speeds, but it's unclear how he could use lightning - perhaps he'll be able to use it as a projectile attack. At any rate, having Flash improve his abilities is just one of the many things we anticipate seeing in the episodes ahead.

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The Flash season two debuts on The CW on October 6th, 2015.

Source: Cinemablend

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