'The Flash' Season 1 Final Episodes Preview: Flash vs. Reverse-Flash

'The Flash' Season 1 final episodes preview see Barry Allen and the S.T.A.R. Labs team finally facing the murderous Reverse-Flash.

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Forgive the pun, but The Flash hit the ground running in season 1, and managed to up that pace over the course of the freshman season. DC's second CW superhero show has quickly established some truly exciting mythology, thrown in a few shocking twists, and presented some characters fans have geuniely grown attached to - all while more or less honoring the comic book source material.

However, all good things must come to an end eventually, and The Flash season 1 has just 4 episodes left - which you can get the general gist of from the season end preview above.

When last we left things, Barry Allen, his surrogate father/cop Joe West and the rest of the S.T.A.R. labs have confirmed that Dr. Harrison Wells is NOT the man he says he is (literally). More than that, Barry, Cisco and Caitlin discovered Wells' (who is actually man from the future, Eobard Thawne) secret lair as The Reverse-Flash, so what comes next is what the title of the video implies: reckoning.

The Flash Eobard Thawne Actor Twist
"Dr. Wells'" true face: Eobard Thawne

Of course, how that reckoning plays out is what makes The Flash a superhero show that's more successful in its overall story-arc than even, say, Marvel's Daredevil Netflix series.  Not to take anything away from Daredevil (we love it, most people seem to love it) but the climatic battle between the villain and the full-fledged hero was probably the least interesting part of the season - not as strong as the character building that had led to that point.

In the case of The Flash, the entire time travel aspect of the show has created an added layer of intrigue: Is Cisco destined to die again? Will Iris ever confess love to Barry again? And how do those answers relate to Barry's ability to change the past (or not)? This particular fight - between a hero and villain who can battle across time itself - could have massive ramifications on the entire world and context of the show).

The Flash TV Show Flashpoint Finale
Flash vs. Reverse-Flash leads to 'Flashpoint'

We've already floated the idea that DC Comics' storylines like "Flashpoint" (where Barry saves his mother from The Reverse-Flash, only to ruin the rest of the timeline as a consequence) could be where things are headed. And the showrunners behind The Flash have done the necessary seeding to pull off a very epic (and possibly catastrophic) final act.

It's hard to be certain just how many episodes are covered in the footage above - most of it seems to be from the next episode (no. 20), "The Trap", which we saw previewed after last week's episode, "Who Is Harrison Wells?".  Regardless, even though the video teases the entire final arc of season 1 (but mostly shows footage from one episode), most fans probably want to hold on to the mystery and not get spoiled. Every shot of footage is no doubt combed over by comic book enthusiasts (like us), so any wayward sparks will lead to a wildfire of speculation. Best just to enjoy the next four weeks of show as they unfold, no?


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The Flash will air the first of its final four episodes this Tuesday @8/7c on The CW.

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