The Flash Movie May Finally Have A Writer

the Flash movie

With the major boom in the movie industry being superheroes and the films about them, studios have been going down the line making films about the most popular in the genre.  As this has been going on, it's left a lot of people wondering when certain films will be made.

If The Flash has been high on your list of films that need to be made, then your worries are over.  IESB is reporting that screenwriter, Dan Mazeau, has become attached to the film.  Dan has most currently penned the screen version of the unreleased Johnny Quest film.

Although, Warner Brothers has said they're putting all DC Comics films on hold, the folks over at IESB are reporting otherwise:

"We've double checked with multiple sources and can say with 100% certainty that Mazeau is currently writing a script for the lightening fast superhero."

Although, there is no confirmations about the legitimacy of the sources, the claims continue to hold some validity as they continue to be reported due to the fact that producer Charles Roven wouldn't confirm nor deny the reports.

I suppose this could all be some sort of perfectly calculated ruse to confuse the public, but I highly doubt it.  Probably, Mazeau is attached to the film in some way, but nothing can be certain until Warner Bros. decides not to tease us lowly film-goers anymore.  Master, may I have another?

Source: IESB

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