The Flash Adds Law & Order Alum In Recurring Role

Richard Brooks' Warden Wolfe will be joining The Flash season 4 as a recurring character. Season 4 of The Flash has so far brought Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) back from the Speed Force with a little help from Team Flash, and the team are dealing with a new crop of metahumans. It turns out that when Barry escaped the Speed Force, he let out a wave of dark matter that transformed a busload of people into super-powered types - and most of them seem happy to use their newfound powers for evil so far.

This whole plan was brought about by the big bad of the season, The Thinker (Neil Sandilands), whose true motives have yet to be revealed. While fans wait to find out what he's planning, Team Flash is rounding up new metahumans, and of course, sending the criminal ones to prison. While that used to mean their own prison in the Pipeline, Iron Heights has recently opened a wing dedicated to holding metahumans, which means that we'll be seeing much more of the Central City prison, and its warden, this season.

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Warden Wolfe will be played by Law & Order alum Richard Brooks, who has already appeared in one episode of The Flash, 'Mixed Signals'. ComicBook reports that Brooks will be showing up throughout the season in "multiple episodes," although it is not clarified exactly how many episodes that will be. Brooks' version of Warden Wolfe replaces an earlier character by the same name, played by Anthony Harrison.

The change between Wardens hasn't been fully explained, and could be the result of either a simple replacement within the prison system (who happens to have the same surname), or as the result of Flashpoint. The previous Warden Wolfe only appeared in a single episode, so this change is unlikely to be a vital plot point.

In the comics, Wolfe is a cruel man who hates the super-powered criminals that he keeps under lock and key, and he derives great pleasure from finding ways to keep them imprisoned. As a result, The Flash isn't his biggest fan, but recognizes that he is necessary to keep the city safe. The version of Wolfe that appeared in 'Mixed Signals' certainly seems to be determined to keep his metahumans locked up, but so far there are no signs of overt cruelty or of a strained relationship between Wolfe and Team Flash.

With so many new metahumans showing up this season, it's not surprising that Wolfe will be appearing in multiple episodes. It's possible that he will have a bigger role to play before the season is over, of course, but it's equally likely that Wolfe will remain a background character during Team Flash's visits to the new metahuman prison.

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The Flash continues November 7th with “Girls Night Out” on The CW.

Source: ComicBook

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