The Flash: 8 Biggest Questions After The Season 5 Midseason Finale

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4. Why is Nora Working for Eobard Thawne?

One of the biggest questions to come out of this episode is just why Nora might be working for Thawne. Sure she didn't know that he killed her grandmother, but she did know that he was one of her father's greatest foes. What could possibly be her reasoning? No matter what the answer is, one thing is for certain: Barry is going to be crushed when he learns the truth. Even if Nora's intentions for traveling back in time remain the same, she has done it under false pretenses. Adding on top of all of that the fact that she has been sending Thawne intel about the past and she can say goodbye to any relationship she has built with Barry. It's going to have to be a pretty good reason to make him understand her actions.

But what if Nora is doing all of this to save her father? Nora told Barry the reason she wanted to meet him is because he goes missing in the future. In the article written by Iris in the time vault the reason for this disappearance is connected to Barry's fight with the Reverse-Flash. As a Flash superfan, wouldn't Nora know all this? Perhaps she is working for Thawne in order to find a way to change the timeline and prevent their fight.

3. Did Reverse-Flash Help Nora Come Up With Her Plan?

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Now that it's been revealed that Nora is working for Thawne, it calls a lot of her actions into question, especially in The Flash's 100th episode. Nora had a pretty quick answer on how the team could find everything they needed to create a weapon to fight Cicada and, while her plan didn't exactly work, it came pretty close. Did she come up with it on her own because of her encyclopedic study of Flash history? Or did Thawne give her the idea? And if he did, what would be his motivation in helping to defeat Cicada? Thawne is calculating, if he wants to save Barry, it's for a reason. And now because of Nora's connection to him, her actions and motivations must be called into question.

2. Is This the Real Nora West-Allen?

When Thawne first meets Nora in the past he calls her Dawn. What at first seemed like a fun Easter Egg for comic book fans might actually mean something more. Now that we know Thawne and Nora are working together in the future is it possible that there really is a Dawn Allen? Could Nora be a twin, taking Don's place? Or is the Nora we know an imposter sent by Thawne? Is there even a Nora at all? Because she's from the future there is no way of knowing if anything she says is true.

While Nora has seemed genuine in her love of her parents and excitement to meet them, some of her actions have also been suspicious. She spied on Team Flash for awhile before introducing herself, she hasn't told anyone the truth behind who sent her, and she's constantly taking notes which we now know she uses to update Thawne. This doesn't seem like someone who just wants to spend some time with her missing dad.

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1. What Is Reverse-Flash's Plan?

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Whether he knows it or not Reverse-Flash is once again back in Barry's life and pulling the strings. But what is his plan in The Flash season 5? Right now it seems to be relegated to reconnaissance; he has Nora collecting information in the past and sending it to him in 2049. Did he choose Nora for this mission to cause Barry the most pain when the truth is revealed or does she have a specific role in his plan? Why does he need information about the past anyway? And what does this all have to do with Cicada?

Thawne doesn't look so hot either. Traveling through time seems to have taken its toll. The figure we see at the end of the episode looks like a mixture between his stolen Harrison Wells face and his own as Eobard. Could his depleting form have something to do with why he is after Barry once more?

Since this episode is The Flash's mid-season finale, we'll have a bit of a wait before any questions are answered. Next up for Team Flash is the Arrowverse crossover, but those episodes usually don't deal to much with solving the individual shows' mysteries as much as they do spinning off new shows and creating fun hijinx.

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The Flash season 5 continues with episode 9, "Elseworlds, Part 1", at a special time on Sunday, December 9th at 8 PM on the CW.

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